Time Control

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Control Minecraft’s day-night cycle using a simple config file, choosing either to set length for day and night in minutes (can be configured independently), or synchronize with system clock.

No base classes are modified, no ASM/mixin transformations and no touching tick lengths.


For years when playing the game I yearned for a way to make days longer, without breaking other mods, dimensions and who else knows what.

No other mod that tried to implement a similar feature satisfied me.


This is my extremely simplistic attempt, without modifying any mechanics, the one exception being reliance on the vanilla "doDaylightCycle" rule being off.


/time command works, sleeping works (the mod lets vanilla handle sleep)


Note: Quark's "Improved Sleeping" feature breaks sleeping with this mod because Quark does it's own shenanigans. (the feature can be safely disabled in it's config)

Check out Morpheus, it seems to work https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/morpheus


There is also compatibility with Comforts and Vampirism's day sleeping


There is an operator/cheats-enabled command to update cycle lengths in-game

/timecontrol get < sync_to_system_time | night_length_minutes | day_length_minutes >

/timecontrol set < night_length_minutes | day_length_minutes > <value>


At this time it works with both multiplayer and singleplayer (must be installed on both), but on Dedicated Servers due to possible ping and ticks per second discrepancies slight skybox jitter may be noticeable.


The mod relies on a custom gamerule (the mod will take care of this - the vanilla way of course), "doDaylightCycle_tc". It is possible to set it to false and the vanilla rule to true to stop the mod from doing anything! System clock sync option will operate regardless, so turn it off in the config if you want to do anything with time. Forge's config reloading on a live instance is supported in 1.15.2+ (can be finicky, but that's just how it detects live filesystem changes), except for system sync - this requires a restart.



Q: Forge?
A: Forge.

Q: Can I include your mod in a video?

A: As long as you include a link to the mod/modpack (if it happens to be in one), absolutely


Q: Can I add your mod to a modpack?

A: As long as it's on CurseForge, yes.



If you don't feel confident enough about my mod and may have also been "hurt" by all the previously existing mods attempting to give control to daylight cycle length:

I've been playing with this mod I made since 1.12.2, always in heavily modded packs (200+ mods) on a multiplayer server. This should be a vanilla feature in my opinion.


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