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A Fabric mod that fixes some annoying bugs in the Minecraft client.

Requires Fabric API.

Download on Modrinth, CurseForge, or GitHub Releases

Bugs fixed


  • MC-2071 Pausing the Game or opening any GUI in a nether portal does not work
    • Fix: Allow opening GUIs in a nether portal
  • MC-62997 Scoreboard overlaps debug screen
    • Fix: Hide the scoreboard when the F3 screen is shown
  • MC-79545 The experience bar disappears when too many levels are given to the player
    • Fix: Show the experience bar
  • MC-80859 Starting to drag item stacks over other compatible stacks makes the latter invisible until appearance change (stack size increases)
    • Fix: Display the item stack properly
  • MC-89242 Length of writing text on sign limited by Resource Pack
    • Fix: Limit the text based on the default font
  • MC-122477 Linux/GNU: Opening chat sometimes writes 't'
    • Workaround: Ignore a character entered on the first input poll after opening chat
  • MC-140646 Text fields don't scroll while selecting text with Shift
    • Fix: Scroll the text properly
  • MC-147766 Shift key stays pressed until press any other key
    • Fix: Handle mouse clicks properly


  • MC-122645 Narrator hotkey cannot be customized or disabled
    • Fix: Disable the narrator hotkey by default (can be re-enabled in the configuration)
  • MC-203401 Double-tapping forward button to sprint cannot be disabled/reconfigured
    • Fix: Add option to disable double-tap-to-sprint

Audio & Visual

  • MC-4490 Fishing line not attached to fishing rod in third person while crouching
    • Fix: Render the fishing line in the correct place
  • MC-127970 Using riptide on a trident with an item in your off-hand causes visual glitch with the item in your offhand
    • Fix: Render non-trident items in regular place while using riptide

Gameplay & Movement

  • MC-12829 Flying through ladders/vines/scaffolding in creative mode slows you down
    • Fix: Ignore climbable blocks when flying
  • MC-136249 Depth strider decreases Riptide's launching effect when underwater
    • Fix: Ignore depth strider's increased drag while using riptide


  • MC-237493 Telemetry cannot be disabled
    • Fix: Disable telemetry by default (can be re-enabled in the configuration)


All fixes can be toggled on or off in the options menu.

The options menu can be opened if you have Mod Menu installed. To access it, go to Mods > TieFix and click the settings button at the top-right.