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An Overview of all Items



Things is a collection of many small and a few bigger items and features that I feel enhance the vanilla experience in a mostly non-intrusive way


Curios API is required for all 1.16.x versions 

Trinkets API is required for all 1.17+ versions


Most items have minimalistic documentation in their tooltip, Patchouli is highly recommended however as there is a very fleshed out guide. You get this when first loading into a world, and can also make a new one by Right-Clicking Gleaming Ore with a book.


Quick Walkthrough of some of the more notable items:

Displacement Tome

The Displacement Tome is an item inspired by Warp Book and it's many clones that allows you to teleport to up to 8 locations and uses Ender Pearls as fuel.

It is very expensive in a semi-vanilla context, in bigger modpacks it would need to be balanced though


Bater Wucket

The Bater Wucket is an infinite water bucket. That's it


Ender Pouch

The Ender Pouch is a portable Ender Chest accessed through a Keybind


Enchanted Wax Gland

The Enchanted Wax Gland is inspired by Trinkets and Bauble's Stone of the Sea. It makes you float in water and also gives a great speed boost.
You can also combine with another item to even make it work in Lava!


A huge thanks to pois1xlive for providing the textures


Join the Wisp Forest Discord if you have any questions, issues or other remarks - we'll be happy to help