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ThermalSolars for MineCraft 1.10.2 / 1.11.2 / 1.12.2 / 1.14.4

Initial Beta 1.14.4 release (Items, Blocks and recipes could still change)

Fully custom-able via config to aid Pack developers with balance.(not in 1,14 yet)

I recommend JEI for recipes overview.


Yes you can use this is your modpack!. Be aware it's still beta.

Please report any bugs, this helps me improve the mod.


Simple tier'ed Solar Panels

  • T1 Generates 20FE/t
  • T2 Generates 200FE/t
  • T3 Generates 500FE/t
  • T4 Generates 1000FE/t
  • T5 Generates 2000FE/t
  • T6 Generates 10000FE/t
  • T7 Generates 20000FE/t
  • T8 Generates 50000FE/t
  • T9 Generates 100000FE/t
  • T10 Generates 200000FE/t


Lunar and Ender Panel same Generation numbers

Lunar Panel generate energy at night but not day.

Ender Panels generate energy at both night and day.