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Useless Mod Logo

Useless Mod is a mod developed for (Neo)Forge
NeoForge is the way to go for 1.20.2+
This mod adds some useless and useful stuff to the game.

Requires TheMCBrosLib

Active Development: 1.21 | View older version descriptions

Looking for fabric version? (outdated)



  • There are two new materials: Useless & Super-Useless
  • Useless Weapons, Tools and Armor
  • Useless Shields
  • Useless Elytras
  • Useless Forest biome with useless flowers and useless wood
  • Useless Animals (Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Cow)
  • Useless Skeleton
  • Wall Closet within all wood variants
  • Coffee Seeds / Coffee Beans / Coffee Machine
  • Paint Bucket, Paint Brush, Canvas, Paint
  • Useless Rails (faster than normal ones)
  • Some Decoration Blocks


Compatibility (1.21)

  • The Wall Closet is compatible with any mod that adds planks
  • Just Enough Items - Coffee Machine & Item Subtypes



  • 1.21: active development
  • 1.20.6: bug fixes only
  • 1.20.4: bug fixes only
  • 1.20.2: no future updates planned!
  • 1.20.1: bug fixes only
  • There is no support for 1.19.2 and older
  • Fabric: click here (outdated)



  • Find the game installation folder
  • Put the mod .jar file into the mods folder
  • If you run a server, also just put it in the server mods folder.



Please feel free to use this mod in your modpack.


This description always only refers to the latest version of the mod




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05/03/2023 80.000 Downloads

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23/05/2020 Happy Birthday! One year Useless Mod