The New Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update is Now Here!

[⚠Any information below this line about future releases is no longer true, I'm sorry for everyone who enjoyed this mod, but I am full of things to do in this period and I cannot continue with the development of this mod. But you can try the new 1.20 mod backport here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/one-twenty-update]

▲Pixel Art & Landing Page by ZainJx


This Mod Goal is to bring all the Announced Minecraft 1.19 features into Minecraft!

Works for 1.17.x and 1.18.x* (also 1.16*) Forge!

*Note: 1.18 don't have biomes yet so I recommend you tu install 1.17. *I'm also working to backport this to 1.16.


Only for V0.13 or lower: CHECK the 'How to install' down the Description to install the mod!  *it is different to what you do all the other times* and you need it for the animations

The Wild Update Minecraft 1.19 Mod Banner 


TADPOLES and FROGS Now There with Animations and FIREFLIES!

(I remade the texture identical to those showed during Minecraft Live)




FINALLY 1.18!🥳🥳

It's well known that biomes in 1.18 are difficult to do for forge, but since I'm a good programmer I'm working on it day and night so, somehow I'll find a way to modify the minecraft code to make the biomes spawn also in 1.18. If you desire the Biomes you can play in 1.17 (I highly recommend it).

1.17 development will continue ad this mod will still support 1.17


Latest release - V1.3 Directly from the latest Snapshot!

So... this mod is still alive!

And many things are going to be added as the official snapshots add it in 1.19...

Remember, you both have 1.17 and 1.18 for this mod, but biomes only spawn in 1.17 for now.

-The 1.18 version is now compatible with 1.18.2

- New Texture for the Swamp Biome! (Mangrove, Mud...)

- Added sculk sensors features

- the Sculk Catalyst now works almost as it should, the official mechanic will be added soon

- the Sculk Shrieker now has a new model and texture with particles when shrieks

- New Enchantment! Swift Sneak

  - when applied on boots, it will increase your movement speed while sneaking

  - has 3 different levels with different speed increases

- fixed bugs

p.s. new warden animations coming soon



V1.2 Boat with Chests and Froglights!

So... this mod is still alive! And new updates are coming...


-ChestBoats are now there!

-You can craft boats with chests by placing a chest over a normal boat

-You can store your stuff in the chest on the boat and explore the Mangrove Swamp!

-I'm sorry I didn't add this until now

-Froglights are now there!

-They come in 3 coloursPearlescent, Verdant and Ochre

-As seen in the last Official Beta: froglights rotates as you place them

-Improved Warden AI

-Fixed some bugs


V1.1 New Darkness Effect and Works on Servers!

I did something during holidays!

-1.18 is coming soon

-You can now play this mod with friends on Servers!

-New Darkness Effect! What? we already had darkness in this mod!

 Yes, but now is more similar to the official one released in the Bedrock Beta!

-Chest boats are NOT FINISHED so consider them present just as a mistake

-Fixed other few bugs I wont mention


Here we go! V1.0!

Hi, here ZainJx: I'm very proud of this mod, it required a lot of work, consider: I'm working on this almost every day two hours since 16th Oct!

I am alone wornking on this, except a few things I have to say thank you @lukebattle04.

I am a teen just doing this because I like it, and I will continue to develope this mod because I'm so happy it reached this success!

So: remember, the V1.0 is not the end, I want to implement more and more things and also port this mod to 1.18 and 1.16!

Since it's Christmas, I'm going to relax for two weeks no-work, but I'm also going to make you theese gifts as new features in V1.0!


-Improved Warden AI! He's officially blind detecting you as a sculk sensor! (thank you to all provided me feedback)

Other Warden Changes:

-Warden now have his own AI!

-Ears and Heart now glow

-The Warden is Blind, as showed in Minecraft Live

-He now attacks you directly only if you’re very close

-He works like Sculk Sensors:

if you throw a snowball he detects the sound and go there

if you throw any other thing he go that position looking for you

if break or place a block Warden detects you

-New Attack animation

-New Texture! He glows!

-New sculk sensor sound when detects something

-Tadpole Eggs!

  • Frogs are attracted by seagrass (like in bedrock official beta)
  • You can tame frogs with seagrass!
  • If the two frogs are in water they start laying eggs!

-New Tadpole Egg block!

  • You can place it on water
  • Be carefull to not destroy the eggs!
  • After a random period of time tadpoles hatch from their eggs!

-New Main Menu!

-Added crative Tabs!

-Fixed few bugs

-Improved Frogs AI (again)

-Improved frog animations


Beta - V0.20 Warden AI! - INSTALL 0.21 because 0.20 had a bug

-Warden now have his own AI!

-Ears and Heart now glow

-The Warden is Blind, as showed in Minecraft Live

-He now attacks you directly only if you’re very close

-He works like Sculk Sensors:

if you throw a snowball he detects the sound and go there

if you throw any other thing he go that position looking for you

if break or place a block Warden detects you


 V0.19 Mangrove Swamps Biomes!

-Added two new biomes!

-Mangrove Swamps

-Mangrove Swamps Hills

-Tadpoles spawn (also) there

-Frogs spawn (also) there

Complete details of this new biome:

Mangrove Swamp

-Mangrove Trees spawn on the surface

-Mangrove Trees also spawn in water

-Here you can meet tadpoles and (orange) forgs

-The surface is made of mud

-Witch house generate there

-The water have the same color from minecraft live

-Seagrass generate in water

 Mangrove Swamp Hills

-Mangrove Trees spawn on the surface

-Here you can meet Frogs

-The surface is made of mud and dirt/grass block mixed

-This biome is marked as Rare


V0.18 Mangrove Trees Growth!

-Added the Mangrove Propagule!

-Two different ways to hang the Propagule!

-Two different texture and model for propagule

-Propagule are waterloggable

-Generate a Mangrove Tree with Bone Meal!

-Mangrove trees are all different to each other!

-Mangrove Swamps to play it in Survival coming in V0.19!


V0.17 New Frog Variants!

-Frog texture colour depends on the Biome they spawn in!

-Fireflies now only spawn near frog in swamps

-Improved Frogs AI [FINAL RELEASE of Frogs!]


V0.16 Tadpoles!

-Added new Mob! The tadpoles!

-After a random period of time, Tadpoles becomes Frogs!

-Tadpoles Spawn in Swamps

-Tadpoles swim around in groups (with animations)

-You can collect them with a Bucket! (new Tadpole Bucket item)


V0.15 New Textures!

-Wild Mangrove Wood now have a New Texture!

 New Texture for:

-Stripped Wood Logs


-Stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates...

-Buttons and pressure plates


-Fixed non-spawing frogs in Swamp sometimes



-You no longer need Geckolib! if you had it only for this mod, unistall it

-Servers now work! Enjoy playing with friends!


V0.13 Added Warden!

-The Warden is Here! with Animations! Full details:

-Warden Attacks the Player

-Warden finds his own patch to attack the Player

-Warden is Not Blind (but in future yes) so it doesn't recognize projectiles yet

-Warden Idle Animation

-Warden Move Animation

 -Improved Frog (AI)

-Frogs now have sounds

  • Croak
  • Hurt
  • Die

-Frogs AI improved

-Frogs Better and New Animations!

 -Bug FIx

-Some frog Bugs fixed

-Darkness Effect bug fixed (partially, I'm working on it)

-fog more realistic



Beta - V0.12 Added Darkness Effect working with Shrieker!

-"Darkness" is a spooky Effect different to Blindness

-Sculk Shriekers Activate Darkness

-Sculk Shriekers Shriek (sound) when Active

-Bug Fixes


V0.11: Added Deep Dark Blocks!

-Added the Sculk Catalyst (redstone sensor)

-Added the Sculk Shrieker (redstone sensor)

-Added the Sculk Block (decoration)

-Added the Sculk Vein (decoration)

-All the 4 blocks have Animations


V0.10: Added Fireflies!

-Added the fireflies particles

-You can summon fireflies with the /particle command

-Fireflies always spawn around frogs

-Fireflies lamps coming in future


V0.9: Added Frogs!

-Frogs now are in the Game with the Minecraft Live texture

-They can Spawn in Swamp Biomes!

-Frogs Jump for moving and do an Hig Jump sometimes

-Frogs Now have Animations!

  - Croak animation

  - Jump animation

-Frog Spawn Egg can Spawn Frogs


V0.7: Added Mangrove Roots!

V0.6: Added All Crafting Recipes!

-All Blocks Crafting Recipes Added


V0.5: Added Mud and Mud Bricks!

-Mud and Mud Bricks blocks added!

-By wetting Dirt or Coarse Dirt with a Water Bottle you can get Mud!

Mud and Mud Bricks

V0.3 - 0.4: Mangrove Woodset Completed!

-Now all the Mangrove woodset is aviable

-Mangrove Doors and Trapdoors added

-Mangrove Leaves Added

-Redstone related blocks like Mangrove button and pressure plate added


Mangrove Wood Set

 New in V0.15:


V0.1: Added the Mangrove Wood!

- New Blocks: Mangrove Log, Mangrove Stripped Log, Mangrove Wood, Mangrove Planks, Mangrove Stairs, Mangrove Fences

- You can now Strip Logs with Axes

Mangrove Tree Example


I'm going to add other Announced Features in future like boats with chest, all the mangrove swam completed...

I'm working on Deep Dark since 2 weeks, so the Warden and Sculk sensor are coming soon!


How to install (only V0.13, 0.12... lower) You don't need this for V0.14+ (forever)


Please Report any Bug


All the textures are made by Me. (I did my best watching the Minecraft Live)

All the models are made by Me.

All the animations are made by Me.

All the code is programmed by Me.

Lukebattle also helped with frogs AI. (Thank you!)



Twitter: @ZainJx

Mail (serious requests only): zainjx@outlook.it