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A vanilla friendly way to get higher quality food without killing.

Provides new tools, crops, and foods without requiring players to hunt, breed, and kill innocent animals. All of the crafting is done on a vanilla crafting table, so no special machines are required. Looking to get mob drops without killing, check out Resourceful Tools.


"I love playing Minecraft, but killing cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens for food always leaves me feeling a little guilty.  Why doesn't Minecraft give you a way to craft high nutrition foods without resorting to eating cooked animal flesh?"

The Veggie Way solves that problem!  

By using the bounty of nature (apples, carrots, beets, etc.) and farm-fresh eggs and milk for some protein, you can now create high nutrition foods. 

Superfood drinks and bars are as good as vanilla cooked meats.

Here is how it works:

- Collect some Drying Agent from from sand with a Hand Rake, its silicate from millions of years of volcanic dust in the soil (20% chance)

- Red Quinoa, Corn,Lentil, and Soybean Seeds drop from dirt and grass blocks with a Hand Rake (10% chance), plant on farmland to grow crops

- Raise some chickens to get eggs or grow some Red Quinoa, Lentil or Soybean - used to craft protein powder

- Farm some carrots - used to craft vitamin powder

- Farm some apples or beets - used to craft fructose powder

- Farm some Wheat - used to craft wheatgerm powder

- Farm some Cocoa Beans - used to make caffeine powder

- Farm some potatoes or corn - used to craft carb powder

- Keep a cow around because you might want some milk [optional]

With these basic ingredients, you can start making drinks and bars (hunger and saturation values can be adjusted in the config file)

- Energy Drink restores (4) hunger
- Energy Bar- restores (5) hunger
- Superfood Shake - restores (7) hunger
- Superfood Smoothie- restores (7) hunger (vegan option)
- Superfood Bar - restores (8) hunger

 A few crops to grow for your protein needs:

Other Foods:

- Fried Egg

- Flour, made with Wheat and a Mill, used to make dough (which can be baked into bread)

- Fresh Tofu, made from cooked Soybean, cooked in a furnace to get vanilla eggs

- Apple Pie (no egg required)

- Melon Pie (no egg required)

- Sweet Berry Pie (no egg required)

- Cactus Berry Pie (no egg required)

- Chocolate Bar

- Cactus Chunk

- Pumpkin Chunk

- Melon Chunk

- Pumpkin Soup

- Cactus Soup

- Melon Soup

- Carrot Soup

- Super Petal Powder - a nice dietary supplement

Extra Bonus: Light torches by placing sticks on a campfire and make vanilla leather from Bamboo

Grow Cotton Plants, drops can be craft into string, string into wool!

Looking for vanilla crop seeds?  The Hand Rake on Grass or Dirt has a chance to drop those too.

All of the crafting is done on a vanilla crafting table, so no special machines are required