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"Long ago, back in the days of creation; the three grand gods of omnipotence were created.  God, the father of Minecraft.  He created the omniverse of Minecraft in which you live in.  Mortals call him Notch.  Regnator, creator of balance, and the arbiter of destruction.  Any universe that he enters becomes a victim to his balance, ultimately bringing an end to them.  Finally, there is a grand god with no name.  Other gods call it the Executor Dragon.  This grand god created chaos and uniformity.  It both created universes of chaos, and universes that are orderly.  It lives nowhere, yet anywhere.

These three grand gods share the omniverse with you, and now you are a victim of their playing field.  Good luck..."

This mod adds in many mobs and bosses for you to fight and discover!  Hone your skills in this test of endurance and integrity as the Titans roam your world to bring forth your demise.

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Thank you all for your support and have fun!

Enderman_Of_D00M - Main Developer
Mrbt0907 - Co-Developer
Avimala Studios - Titan Modeler and Loremaster
Skarrier - Mob Modeler and Texturer
VeiTheOne - Co-Loremaster
Milo1133 - Music Designer
Hi_Ther3 - Item and Block Texturer
Super Shark Gaming - Modeler
Wither Ranieri2010 - Modeler
Pear - Texturer

 Permissions and Legal Stuffs


We appreciate people having fun with our mods and such.  To clarify, these are the general permissions you have:

You can

Play with the mod in any modpack.

Make videos, pictures, music and much more with this mod if you link it to this page.

Make addons for this mod and add support to your mod.

View the source code from any of the releases only if you are developing an addon or support.

You can't

Upload any of the mod files elsewhere publicly.

Upload a modified version of this mod.

Upload the source code of this mod online anywhere.

Upload the mod with a different license.

Port this mod.

Update this mod.

If you want specific information about your permissions for this mod or legal information about using this mod, please read the Terms of Use below.

Terms of Use

This mod was created and maintained by Enderman_of_D00M and Mrbt0907.  When you download any of the mods we created on this webpage and thread, from an unofficial source, or from us, you agree to follow the statements and terms below.

You can download and share this mod with anyone publicly and privately so long as the mod was not tampered with and is not unpacked.  Any websites not listed in the description of the original webpage on curseforge created by us is considered "an unofficial source", and will not post modified versions of the mod.  All unofficial sources will post this entire Terms of Use in the description or in a place it will be easily seen untampered. 

You can play with our mod.  You can include this mod in any modpack if the mod file is untampered and is not unpacked.  You can include this mod in any video, picture or music if it does not include the mod file's source code.  If you choose to showcase our mod, you will post a link to our official curseforge webpage where the mod download was found.

You can unpack the mod's source code and assets from the mod file.  You can use the assets of this mod for social conversations or for non-commercial use. You will not claim any assets we created as your own.  Any assets and ideas that are not created by us or the mod team will be listed in the credits in the modinfo file.  You will not share or publish the source code of our mod to anyone privately or publicly in any manner.  All mod creators and mod teams are allowed to develop an addon or compatibility with our mod's source code, but are not allowed to share our source code with anyone else publicly or privately in any manner.

You are not allowed to claim our mods as your own and you are not allowed to change anything in this Terms of Use.  You are not allowed to change the license under any circumstance.  Upon infringement of our rights to our mods, licenses, and/or this Terms of Use, you will be warned and ordered to change the content in order to mitigate or remove the infringing content.  If you fail to do so, you are subject to the removal of our content where the infringement occurred, or possible legal action against you.