The Roundel Mod

3,461 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 28, 2019 Game Version: Forge

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Psst we have an official modpack, download here: Timesplit

This is a mod that is made to run alongside 'The Dalek Mod' by the SWDTeam and 'The New TARDIS Mod' by Spectre&Co. Please note: this is unofficial. I'm not affiliated with the SWDTeam or New Tardis Mod developers in any way. This is just something I made to add more roundel types to the game to make building a lot more creative. 

If you have any questions/comments, please join the Discord server, any of the mod developers would be glad to help you at any time. 
(if you are making a public or private modpack, you may use our mod)

If your question is, "When will the next update come out?" then the answer is that I don't know yet; I haven't had time to update it or get more added to the mod due to school and other things coming up in my life. So, it will update when it updates.

(sidenote: This mod is made using MCreator, I would like to personally give them a shoutout for making an easy to use Minecraft mod creator)


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