The Primal Age

9,764 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Welcome to The Primal Age mod which is a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2. This Mod was designed to add many prehistoric creatures to the game while taking great detail in recreating the dinosaurs to their exact likeness. As developers, our main goal was to create the most realistic Mod and to present the Minecraft community to the most bizarre and peculiar animals that walked the Earth millions of years ago. 


We designed our Mod to be uniquely different from other prehistoric creature Mods currently available because we felt it best to focus on bringing life to the animals of the prehistoric era that had not been used in game design before. We added no mythical monsters or time travel to our Mod to not distract from what's really important to us which is to create the experience of walking with the dinosaurs. 

We invite you to please follow our progress and Mod updates on our social media sites. And since we like to be closely involved with our fans as much as possible, please visit the "Contact Us" page. Please enjoy our Mod and stay Primal!


sorry to say this but you can do survival mode with this mod just right click a primal stone(which you have to mine) when you have a fossil on your inventory. 


new discord

also i will also like you to vote for some animals you would love to see in this mod on our discord and i do have reasons why has taken so long half of the devs kinda quit on me and you as the fans

also big longzua (giant grasshopper ) glitch ( it just spawns naturally and some other dinos do to but is rare except longzua and diplocaulus) WE HAVE A PATCH IN THE  DISCORD 


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