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The Outer End


The Outer End adds new biomes, structures, and mobs to the End Dimension.



- The Azure Forest, a blue and life-filled oasis filled with giant flowers and spectraflies

- The Crystal Crag, a barren stone landscape made of arches and crystals, which grow slowly over time.


End Towers:

End Towers are a new structure in the End.  They have multiple levels, and will eventually contain a boss on the top level.  

Underneath them are giant underground labyrinths, which have a lot of loot, but come with challenges.

Elytra and other valuable items can also be found rarely in the maze's loot rooms, so be sure to fully explore each one.


The Catacombs:

The Catacombs are a structure consisting of an opening staircase and a maze.

There is some great loot that can be found here, so conquering them is beneficial.



Spectrafly - Spectraflies are ambient creatures native to the Azure Forest, and change their color to match their surroundings.

Purpur Golem - Purpur Golems spawn nearby end cities and will hurl you away if you get too close.  They are strong, so be careful when approaching them.

Himmelite - Himmelites spawn in the End Tower Labyrinths and will swarm and bite you.

Entombed - Entombed are the guards of the Catacombs. 

Stalker - A neutral creature native to the Crystal Crag. Breedable with Chorus Fruit.

Chorus Squid - Found blending in with Chorus Plants, they will propel themselves through the air to attack you.



The Ender Dragon now has 500 health (Vanilla is 200), which will make the final boss fight much more difficult. (This feature is configurable, so you can set it to whatever you want

End Crystals are now created with Rose Crystals.



The biome weights and structure frequencies are all configurable. 

The Dragon Health is also configurable.



The Outer End is compatible with both The Endergetic Expansion and BetterEndForge.



In this mod, it features 14 new amazing ambient tracks!

The Azure Forest and the Crystal Crag have custom biome music, the end has its own custom creative mode music, and more survival end music. There is even music discs.

The soundtrack is a mixture of multiple artists, LudoCrypt, Pyrocide, BlueDuck, and Y!

For LudoCrypt's soundtrack, it is on Spotify, Itunes, and all other streaming services. It is also on Bandcamp here.

For Y's music, it was a collaboration between LudoCrypt and Y. This album features some of the mod's tracks.

You are allowed to use the music in videos, reviews, streams, etc. You won't get a strike or a claim for featuring the music! Though if its being used outside of a mod review, it would be nice to credit the music source!




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