The Midnight

1,161,397 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

The Midnight

The Midnight is a mod being developed by Cryptic Mushroom that adds a brand new dimension to explore full of unique adventures and dangers! It's a dimension of perpetual darkness; the only light comes from crystals and the various flora, fungi and fauna of the dimension. You may travel willingly to this dimension, though you may unwillingly be dragged by a rifter into this strange, hostile world...

Midnight was originally an entry for MMD's SpookyJam 2018, but it has now moved from alpha to beta, marking the beginning of a new chapter as we work toward our first release!

Releases for 1.12.2 will not be receiving any further updates because we can only maintain one version and we have no interest in versions below 1.14+. A bugfix patch for 1.12.2 may be released, but please don't ask for backports. A bugfix patch for 1.14.4 is planned and will contain various bug fixes from the 1.15.2 releases.

In The Midnight 0.4.6 and lower:
To get to the dimension, you will need to find a glowing, red rift. These will spawn randomly during the night both above ground and in caves. Rifts are often accompanied by unfriendly figures.

In The Midnight 0.5.3 and up:
To get to the dimension, you will need to find a red heap of mass in the overworld. At night time, the portal will activate, and you will be able to traverse into The Midnight.


Though before you go into The Midnight, make sure to be prepared! The Midnight does not welcome newcomers.


Where can you find us?

If you find an issue with the mod, we appreciate it if you submit it to our issues page.  
If you want to discuss the mod, we have a Discord server you can join!  

Follow us on Twitter for significant updates on development!  

If you would like to support our work, consider donating to our Patreon page.  



Q: How do I get out of the dimension?
A: Find another rift in the dimension, it will lead you back to the Overworld. However, they only spawn at night in the Overworld so if that condition isn't met then you won't find a rift for a while. An alternative option is to use this command (only works on The Midnight 0.4.6 and lower): /summon midnight:rift



Project Leader: CipherZeroX

Programmers: gegy1000, Martacus, arthurbambous, Corail31, bagu_chan, Jonathing

Texturers: Endergized, Five (Paradiscal), MCVinnyq

Modelers: CipherZeroX, MCvinnnyq

Sound Designers: Lachney

Contributers and Testers: ZombieEnderman5, veesus mikhel heir, 123wdog, Terenx, KingPhygieBoo

Anyone has permission to use this mod in their modpack, but be aware that The Midnight is currently in beta so it is not recommended. If your modpack is not on CurseForge, ask for permission from a developer on our Discord server first. No one is allowed to reuse code or assets without explicit permission from a developer.


We have other mods we like to work on, too! You can view them by visiting our GitHub page and CipherZeroX's CurseForge page.


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