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This mod adds in a Herobrine bossfight that is much more difficult than any seen before. This bossfight will have 3 phases, although since the third phase is so destructive and more difficult than the previous 2, it is able to be turned off in the config. Currently, the third phase is still in development and not yet implemented. The mod also adds in a way to spawn Herobrine and sets of armor and swords that will help you in the fight. 



Currently Herobrine is spawned in a totem-like manner: If you place down a block of obsidian, then a block of diamond, then a wither skeleton skull, and right click it with the Herobrine Spawn Item, Phase 1 will spawn in and the bossfight will begin.


There are 3 phases to this fight, with each phase being harder than the one before it. Phase 1 is a nod to the typical perception of a Herobrine fight - a fast human sized entity that hits hard. This phase has 666 health, 6 armor points, and a base attacks of 6. It will also occasionally shoot blaze and ghast fireballs at you. When its killed an animation will trigger and Phase 2 will spawn. 


Phase 2 is significantly larger, with 1500 hp, 8 armor points, and 12 base attack damage.

It has all custom animated attacks which can be seen here!:

It will occasionally strike you with lightning and shoot you with blaze and ghast fireballs. It will also spawn a new enemy called Corrupted Ghasts which in addition to shooting you with fireballs can also strike you with lightning. When this phase gets below half hp, it will halve in size, gain some resistance, and spawn a Phase 1 Herobrine clone (when this clone is killed, the fight will not restart). When it gets below a quarter hp it will halve in size gain, get more resistance, and start regenerating health. If the Phase 3 fight is enabled in the config it will deposit fully enhanced armor in the player's inventory (if there's room, otherwise it will drop at Phase 2's location). If the config is disabled, it will drop thrice enhanced armor. The death animation will be different depending on whether or not Phase 3 is disabled.



Phase 3 is not currently implemented as it is still being developed. 


There are 4 types of armor in the mod. The first type is Enhanced Armor, which is the recommended armor for the first fight, and when you have the full set equipped you'll get both resistance and fire resistance. The crafting recipe can be found below.


The next type of armor is Twice Enhanced armor, which is recommended for the second phase. This is also craftable, and its recipe can be found below. When fully equipped, you'll get resistance, fire resistance, and regeneration.


If Phase 3 is disabled, Phase 2 will drop Thrice enhanced armor when killed. This set of armor has no crafting recipe. When fully equipped you'll get all the previous effects as well as strength and absorption.


If Phase 3 is enabled, Phase 2 will drop Fully enhanced armor when killed. This set of armor has no crafting recipe. When fully equipped you'll get all the previous effects as well as the ability to fly.


There are also 4 swords added by this mod, and they follow a similar schema to the armor. The first sword is the Enhanced Sword, and its recipe can be found below. It does 19 attack damage.


The next sword is the Twice Enhanced sword, and is recommended for Phase 2 of the fight. Its recipe can be found below. It does 25 attack damage.


The Thrice Enhanced sword is only dropped by Phase 2 if Phase 3 is disabled, and does not have a crafting recipe. It does 28 attack damage.


The Fully Enhanced sword is dropped by Phase 2 if Phase 3 is enabled, and does not have a crafting recipe. It does 31 damage. 








This mod requires LLibrary to work!

You'll need at least Forge 2772 for Java Minecraft 1.12.2 to run this. 



This mod is still a work in progress, so please report any issues you may find.
Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.
I would recommend not adding this to any modpacks until it is fully finished but feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Do not redistribute this on any other site unless given my explicit permission.


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