The Frostrealm

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The Frostrealm
The Frostrealm
is a mod being developed by TeamFrost that adds a new dimension of frozen mysteries to explore called the Frostrealm. Because the dimension is set in eternal night, the only light comes from various things on the surface. Be sure to bundle up, because it's freezing!

To get to the dimension, you will need to obtain a frost scepter and build a Nether portal out of snow blocks. Just ignite the portal with the scepter, and travel to the Frostrealm!


  • If you find an issue in the mod, we would appreciate it if you submitted it on our issue tracker!
  • If you want to discuss the mod, we have a Discord


  • Code: bagu_chan
  • Textures: Cipher_Zero_X
  • Models: Goony

The mod is currently in its initial alpha stages, so it's far from complete and sure to be buggy; but there's lots more to come! If you are interested in contributing to the mod, please consider joining our Discord server. We are in need of another coder who can speak English well.

Anyone has permission to use this in their modpack, though it is not recommended. 


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