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"The Flying Things introduces enchanted brooms and magic carpets that can be ridden to fly over the world."

Magic Carpet : The Flying Things              Magic Carpet with pyramid : minecraft



This mod will allow you to control some fantasy fiction flying things like a flying broom or a magic carpet.
The first step will be to craft one and for this, you need to find a hearth of the Sea or a phial of animation (which can be found in the structure chests defined by the config).
There's an additional way to craft carpets but theses recipes are only visible when you're under the effect "Hero of the Village". Some carpet models are only accessible by using the pumkin stick on a flying thing in world (not mounted ~sneak/right-click).
The broom can be colored with dye by interacting the entity in world or with crafting recipes. you can remove the color with a wet sponge (the sponge won't be consumed).
A few head part are also allowed (pumkin & skeleton head) using the same way.

Enchanted broom : The Flying Things              Flying carpet underwater : minecraft


The flying things are controlled with the forward key and your looking direction, they can be dismounted with the sneak key, in this case, the flying thing will return to your inventory.
The combo sneak + right click can be used to force the flying thing to appear in world without auto-mount, or force it to return in item shape)

While riding a flying thing, you have 2 displayed bars : one for energy and the other for the actual speed (you can adjust the display of theses bars in the client config in game)
The energy decreases when you're riding the flying thing and regens over time when not. When no energy left, the flying speed is reduced (defined by a server config option, default is 1/3 of the default max speed).
The energy can also be recovered when the broom is over a big red mushroom and the carpet over sand soul.

The flying things are only for one passenger to keep a small hitbox for easy move (but a larger version for 2 passengers allowing to easily transport animals & passive entities should be added).
They can move in water if the config option is enabled (and this also allows to see in water while riding them).
Collisions with plants, leaves at high speed will harvest them. The enchantment "soulbound" from Tombstone can be applied.

Tip : checks out the config in game - works on server (you need to enable the flight mode).


The mod includes a config screen in game for all client configs in 1.15.2+.
client config screen in game : The Flying Things
The others files (server/common) localized in your "run/config", need to be edited manually (with a correct editor not adding BOM to the encoding).
The changes will also be applied if you edit theses files while in game.
For 1.12.2, anything can be configured in singleplayer in the screen in game (and you can copy theses files then on your server if it's for a dedicated server purpose).

Want to contribute

You can contribute to this mod by providing pattern textures for carpets, new tabula models, or new magic layers (but they're hard to create).
Don't hesitate to suggest ideas keeping in mind if it's about new models, you need to provide them ;)
template carpet : the flying things

Video :


The Flying Things tab on minecraft  Flying broom in minecraft

The Recipes

broom recipe  carpet recipe 1  carpet recipe 2

carpet recipe 3  carpet recipe 4  carpet recipe 5

carpet recipe 6  carpet recipe 7  carpet recipe 8