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Careful of the Floo!

  • This is a new effect that slightly decreases your maximum health
  • The incubation period is looong!
  • It is highly infectious to all living beings within a small radius
  • Scientists believe that it orgininated from witches brewing with dead things!
  • It is said that roughly every 20th witch is carrying this potion effect herself
  • Players who waited out the effect have built up an immunity against it


I already explained them :P

  • Decreases maximum health by -10% (used to be -8%)
  • Stays for up to 4.6 hours (276 minutes)
  • Spreads to all living entities within 1.5 Blocks from any affected entity
  • Bats have drops now which you can use to brew the Floo potion (with Nether Warts); Combine with Redstone or Glowstone
  • Every 20th witch might have the effect on her; Get too close to her and you will be infected
  • After it runs out you will be immune to The Floo for quite a long time
  • Buy a very short (but strong) version from a Journeyman Cleric villager to build up immunity quickly

Seriously Infectious!

It really turned out highly infectious! In the testing world I accidentally infected an actual bat with it which just flew around in the spawn area, infecting many more animals, which also infected many more etc..