The Fifth World

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The Fifth World

The Fourth World is over, and the Fifth World will be populated by super-humans from the planet of... Minecraft?


The Fifth World will eventually be an expansive genetics mod that lets you obtain and create superpowers using abilities from Lucraft Core and other mods, as well as some that it brings to the table itself. At the moment, it contains a fairly simple DNA combination and power creation method. Essentially, you can use this to create a custom superpower while playing the game!

How To Use

To start with, you'll need some equipment. Make an injection gun, a microscope, a centrifuge, and a few vials.

Injection Gun RecipeMicroscope RecipeCentrifuge RecipeVial Recipe


Once you've done that, take a vial in one hand and the injection gun in the other, and right click. This should attach the vial to the gun.


Once you've done that, go ahead and draw some blood by smacking a mob with it. A cow is a good choice.


Once you've got your blood, go ahead and right click the gun to take the vial out of it. Then insert the vial into the microscope


Once in the microscope, you can choose one of three genes to extract from the blood sample. If you hover over them, they will tell you what they are, and what "quality" of gene they are. Once you've extracted a gene, you have two choices. The first is to get a sample from a different mob, extract that gene as well, and head over to the centrifuge.

The centrifuge does three things. The first thing we'll have it do is combine genes. Here I have two genes, and I place one on each side of the centrifuge. It will spin for a while, and then you'll end up with an empty vial and a combined gene.

You can also combine 2 vials that contain genes of the same type, in order to increase the quality of the end result.

Once you have a vial containing all the genes you want, you'll probably want to actually do something with them. Well hold your horses. First you'll want to save your work. If you place a vial of genes on the left of the centrifuge and an empty one on the left, you can copy the vial!


Now that you've backed up your gene collection, you can test it out. If you're feeling brave, you can go ahead and test it on yourself. 

Feeling brave, you say. But I know what's in the DNA! I can read it right there! Ah but that's where you're wrong. You see, hidden in the cool genes you've been harvesting could be hidden defects! These defects range from annoying to devastating, and are completely undetectable until they activate, which may be immediately, or when certain conditions are met. To get a sense of what you're in for, you can inject it into someone more... disposable.


Anyway, harvest some of your test subject's blood. Then mix it with the vial of genes in the centrifuge.


Once you've done that, you'll need to grab a piece of paper. For notes. Then take your injection gun, loaded with the blood/gene mixture, and smack the test subject with it. What do you mean why's it smoking? No time for that now! Hurry up and "trade" a piece of paper for the notes!


I probably could have mentioned that villager DNA doesn't hold defects very well. At least you got some good research data for it. And for the low cost of 75 negative karma! You'll probably notice that you can't really get your gene back now that it's exploded, so it's a good thing you made a backup!



And as you can see in our notes, our gene had some defects! Sure, you might have murdered an innocent priest, but hey, if you would've used it on yourself you might have had some dietary restrictions! Or dropped something!

Anyway, you can continue on this way until you have the perfect gene, and then extract blood from yourself by shift + left clicking with an empty injection gun in hand. Mix it with the genes in the same way as you did for the villager, and inject it back in to yourself the same way! Now you have superpowers!

Note that if you mess up at any time, you can empty a vial by shift + right clicking. 



  • Create new abilities until every entity type has 3 or more genes that make sense 
  • Create ways to get powers randomly
  • Make villagers who spawn with powers 
  • Make villagers display their powers
  • Make head bombs
  • Make head bombs allow you to control villagers 
  • Ways to disable created powers 
  • More abilities!



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