The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

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A mod still under testing and development, will some day become a popular one from a popular game series. you might have seen us on hypixel or mineplex with the IGNs Wile3_cat and odlak_Oddball.  We give to you the mod from the game series: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, which will contain as many things possible from the game itself. Such as the mobs, structures, items, you name it. We are working very hard to make as many things possible for you. I hope you enjoy. We will update the beta mod bit by bit and add textures and sounds. Now spells are definantly something we are working on. We do not know how exactly we are going to make the spells but we find the the proper strings for it eventually. 


Minecraft 1.7.10? Why?? Because of the new changes in making items and textures for 1.8, it is very irritating using json files to do my work. Once I finish this project for 1.7.10, I will update the mod to 1.8. so don't worry about having no elder scrolls mod for 1.8. I have all year to work on this project.


Here are a few things I have currently added:

A simple logo block. Just for decoration and tab decoration.very cheap to make. also spawns in the nether.

tools. textures coming soon!! And a greatsword!? 



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