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"Simple" small mod to allow players to play Ender Dragon roar, Cat Purr, Cat Hiss and Wolf Growl on demand by using a keybind. Defaults are 0-3 on the number pad.

Each mod is pitch modified based off maximum health and a config value. Volume is also max health dependent.
Each sound is also optionally toggalable between a player look pitch modifier where looking up makes the sound higher or looking down makes it lower.

Configs are 100% client side and allows each player to perfect their own "voice" while playing. Just edit the configs and it should automatically change the next time you use it.

If not, just edit it again.

You can edit the sounds you hear on your client by adding a resource pack and editing the sounds.json file to point the custom sound events to another file. Per person sounds are not supported at the current time.


Yes the name is based off a joke of the Child's toy called a "See n' Say" where it says "The [animal here] says: [animal noise]" Don't ask me why, it just how it be.