The Dark Sun Dimension

280 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

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Minecraft Version Compatible - 1.15.2

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Every Feature in the Dark Sun Mod 

Every Recipe in the Dark Sun Mod

The Dark Sun mod is a mod that adds a whole new dimension into Minecraft. Biomes, Mobs, and many structures are in this 500+ elements mod. 


Ruined Portals

This is the only way currently to get to the Dark Sun. The ruined portal contains a chest with the igniter and the blocks needed to complete the portal.


New Biomes

The Dark Sun contains five new biomes All with there own mobs and ecosystem.


New Structures

The Dark Sun contains a handful of new structures Each with their own diversity.

New Weapons, tools, and armor

This mod contains new weapons tiers. one is better than diamond. and 3 new armor tiers. one is also better than diamond. It also adds a few new random tools and weapons.

New Mobs

The Dark Sun contains a lot of new mobs including a whole new race of intelligent prime apes and evil casters that plan to posses all of them.

Many new plants and blocks

The Dark Sun has a lot of new plants and blocks to make the dimension look good and your builds!


Enjoy the mod! 


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