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The Dark Realm


A mod that adds bunch of new ores, custom crafting mechanisms and 2 new bosses. The mod also features special weapons which some posses special abilities.

The mod contains 2 custom dimensions one of them called The Dark Realm, and the second one is The Deeper End, an extension for the end dimension, it contains mostly endgame stuff, so enter with proper gear.

The mod is fully multiplayer compatible. (tested)

The use in modpacks is allowed.

Translations accepted:( Crowdin )


1.18.2 Support is finally here!


Feel free to download it and try it out, and send feedback :D

Please Note

Im making this mod in my freetime, alone.

Updates are slow. But they are big.

I have a life too, like everyone else :D


[Join our Discord server.] You can get experminetal versions from our discord server, and get help from our support.