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The banner logo for The Bumblezone with a friendly and hostile bee shown below the mod name.

NOTE: look at the bottom of the file page for what dependencies this mod needs downloaded.
Some versions of this mod had required dependencies.


(Also, please report any glitches BUGS you find)


[Click here for the NeoForge/Forge version of this mod!]

If on 1.18.2 or older and want to remove Bumblezone, use this mod to fix any issues arising from doing that:





   The Bumblezone is a bee dimension filled with many brand new bee-related blocks! There's even quite a few structures to explore and a unique bee armor you can obtain! If you are lucky, you may find a special Throne-Locating Honey Compasses from certain structures that leads you to a Bee Queen! The dimension itself looks like it is the inside of a bee nest and you will find giant walls in rows with canals of water between them. Maybe you'll even find a pollen covered section of the dimension or a canyon full of massive honey-based crystals! Check the Bumblezone advancements tab for how to enter dimension and what to do!

   Also, you will find bees are extremely protective of their honey in this dimension. If you mine vanilla's Honey Block, destroy or take honey from Honeycomb Brood Block, or you hit a bee, all bees around you will get many buffs and will become VERY angry at you because you now have the Wrath of the Hive effect! But by feeding bees or the Honeycomb Brood Blocks with the honey foods that you have, you might be able to calm them down. By feeding bees or that brood block, you get Protection of the Hive that makes bees defend you against anyone attacking you! (You can nerf the bees in the config if you find them too strong or buff them if you want to die!)

Note: If you have severe trypophobia and the current textures are too much, you can enable the internal mod Anti-Trypophobia resourcepack by going into the resourcepack screen and move the resourcepack to the top of the right side to activate it.

And yes, you can use this mod in a modpack!



Check out the wiki below for all the info! This wiki is kept up to date with latest Bumblezone release


An image that organizes and shows off all of the items and blocks that The Bumblezone has added.


Also, be sure to check out the images page for several screenshots of what the world looks like!




    Entering the dimension is super easy! Just throw an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest to enter inside it and spawn into the dimension. You can also make yourself (riding a mob or vehicle) or have any mob enter the dimension by using a piston to push the player or mob into a Beehive or Bee Nest block! (Be sure to surround the contraption so the piston doesn't push the mob sideways instead of into the hive block) To teleport out of the dimension, you can either dig down and fall below Y = 0 (don't worry, you won't die as I made sure of that) or climb your way to above Y = 256. And yes, you can be riding a mob or vehicle to have them exit the dimension with you or you can push them out of push to get them out of the dimension. The mod will try to put the mob or player back in the original spot and original dimension they were at when they attempted to enter the Bumblezone dimension. If a mob that originated in Bumblezone tries to exit, they will be placed at 0,0 spot in Overworld so you can find them.


Picture showing how to enter The Bumblezone by a player throwing an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest






   To reach this mod's configs you'll find most of the configs in the config screen in-game! Just put on Mod Menu and find my mod in there and edit away! When done, restart the game to make the config changes take effect! The other configs for this mod are in JSON so you just need to make a datapack to override those settings. In fact, some block tags used in this mod can be used to blacklist what hive block can teleport you to the dimension or if hive blocks need a certain block under them to allow teleportation! The wiki may help here with seeing what to edit: https://github.com/TelepathicGrunt/Bumblezone/wiki (You can also view my mod's common/src/main/resources/data/ folder on GitHub as well to see the actual JSON files themselves)


   There are several config options currently for the mod. Some affects the dimension and lets you control how bright the fog is (in-game config), what the movement factor of the dimension is (JSON config), and whether exiting the dimension will always place you back at Overworld instead of previous dimension you came from (in-game config). Many other configs lets you customize the Wrath of the Hive effect so you can change how long it lasts, how far bees has to be to be angered and boosted, how strong the effects given to bees are, whether Wrath of the Hive can be triggered outside The Bumblezone, show particles of the effect, or just turn off the effect completely. Lots of options! Take a look at the in-game config and JSON files and let me know if there's any config option that would be super helpful for you to have with this mod. :)




*If you find an issue, glitch, or have a suggestion about my mod, let me know! But if you don't have a GitHub account to report in the Issue tab above, just comment what the problem is below and I'll try and get back to you ASAP! :) 



Discord Link to #telepathicgrunt-mods channel for my mods! :


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