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 The first thing this mod adds is the Bedrock Temple, a structure at the top of the ocean that holds a very powerful Pickaxe and an ender chest. It is an extremely rare structure and can only be accessed when you break the obsidian blocking the doorways.


Next up is something that is a little off-track, but is fun nonetheless. There are several Stone Huts scattered throughout the map that contain a smoker, furnace, blast furnace, bed, and some loot in a chest. This can spawn in most vanilla biomes, but will not spawn in any modded biomes.



The last 2 things are a block and a crafting recipe. The block is called Hardened Obsidian, which is crafted from 4 obsidian, 4 crying obsidian, and an end crystal (Hardened Obsidian can only be broken with a Netherite Pickaxe). You can use Hardened Obsidian with 8 stone to craft 1 Bedrock block


The Beginning

A new dimension called The Beginning is added. It can be accessed by a nether-style portal of Bedrock, and lit with a young portal igniter crafted from a flint and steel and a block of obsidian. It has variations of ores that drop ingots instead of ore blocks. It also has a new ore called Hardened Obsidian Ore that can be broken with a netherite pickaxe and above. When smelted, you get tons of exp and a hardened obsidian chunk. With 9 of these, you can craft a Hardened Obsidian Block. There is also Young Wood Logs, which can make planks, slabs, stairs, fences, and fence gates (doors are coming in the next update:)

There is also a new and SECRET crafting recipe that involves a Netherite Chestplate



You CANNOT break Bedrock right now, but perhaps I will make a tool to break Bedrock in the future



Hopes for the Future

-Mobs for the beginning

-more structures for all dimensions

-Stone Hut variants




Feel free to use this in any modpacks (a link to this page would be appreciated)


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