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Filename Anime_Universe_2.9 Forge.jar
Uploaded by clozyfps
Uploaded Jan 7, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 8.74 MB
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MD5 f5faf5c5268ca69386083914c506f79e
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- Added Back the sharingan
-  Added NEW Byakugan
- Added Itadori, Killing him will give you the chance to fight sukuna. In update 3.0 he will have a finger.
- Added Nezuko chan!
-  Added Nezuko Blood Art
- Added Demon blood. Consume to become a demon.
- Removed Health boost with all armors because of bugs.
- Hollow Purple
- Added All mights hair. You get it from killing Deku. Eat it and you achieve one for all and you also get Delaware smash!
- Gojo Buff
- Jujutsu Kaisen Armor
- Demon Slayer Outfit
- Added Strong Demon
- Achievements
- Gomu Gomu No Mi, Get this by killing Luffy
- Nen Scientist now drop nen ingot.
- Godspeed!
- Asta


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The Anime Universe 2.9 Patch 8.74 MB Jan 7, 2022

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