Thaumic Tinkerer

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Filename ThaumicTinkerer-2.3-140.jar
Uploaded by Nekosune
Uploaded Apr 17, 2014
Game Version 1.6.4
Size 1.82 MB
Downloads 191,425
MD5 982d702b81ecd096091b6be61bfae087
Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions


Build 140

  • Added SkyMatrix to blacklist, another broken research to avoid.

Build 139

  • Added ability to set OpenPeripheral mode in configs
  • Made funnels respect jars labels
  • Removed custom bedrock
  • Added ability for other mods to remove research from KAMI
  • Added Aliquo to research blacklist

Build 138

  • Made OpenPeripheral compatibility changes Warning: Jar and Other Aspect containers computer craft API has changed, please check wiki
  • Fixed Bedrock Dimension being inaccesible when Galacticraft is installed.
  • Fixed WAILA bug showing Warp gates incomming teleports inverted
  • Made Kami default on Warning: config change for kami has changed, to allow for the change
  • Baring any major bugs, this will be the last 1.6.4 release*

Build 137

  • Fixed Kami requiring Researches AT has not implemented.

Build 136

  • Added computercraft support for basic essentia pipes
  • Fixed some problems with the dislocator
  • Fixed problem with tablet and mods that alter Player inventory
  • Fixed worldshapers looking glass rendering
  • Fixed Relay needing Motus
  • Fixed overlapping research
  • Made Kami armor toggleable individually, and attached to a keybind
  • Fixed various rendering issues

Build 130

  • Fixed crash cased by kami and mirrors interaction

Build 127

  • Made erroring focii only available when mirrors enabled
  • Made Thaumic Tinkerer add CC API to Void jars
  • Attempt to fix crash with updating ichor wands

Build 101

  • Removed Locomotive's entity movement
  • Added blacklist for spawning ores in the bedrock dimension
  • Fixed bug where conflicting enchantments could be applied in the enchanter
  • Fix error with disabling dimension
  • KAMI research is no longer hidden.

Build 99

  • Update German Translations
  • Config file for bedrock dimension ore density
  • Updated vis discounting to work with 4.1
  • Removed ability of staffs to work in enchanter, at Azanor's request
  • Fix withers breaking bedrock
  • Fix potential compatibility issues
  • Fix AoE pickaxe if bedrock dimension is disabled

Build 98

  • Fixed Ichorium wand components.

Build 97

  • Bedrock dimension has 1/6 of the ores. Now it looks sad and lonely.

Build 96

  • Make some research not-hidden
  • Fixed: Excavation focus can break bedrock

Build 95

  • Changed default dimension ID from 19 to -19

Build 94

  • Removed special bedrock biome

Build 93

  • Recreated Thaumic Tinkerer research tree

Build 92

  • Added config for dimension Id.

Build 91

  • Added Golem Connector
  • Added Tinkers Construct compatibility
  • Added Ender storage compatibility
  • Altered Dislocation Focus to store block on focus

Build 75 BETA unstable 05/02/2014

  • Added Levitational Locomotive.
  • Fixed issue #189
  • Fixed issue #169

Build 74

  • Fixed server crash

Build 73

  • Fixed artifice tab Crash

Build 72

  • WAILA support
  • Added Dissipating turtle
  • (Flaxbeard) Made sure API for osmotic enchanter was in again.

Build 68

  • (Flaxbeard) Added an API for the osmotic enchanter.

Build 67

  • Fixed the Celestial Recall focus not working.
  • Added a config option to remove Ore Dictionary recipes, they cause issues if you have Magical Crops and no other mods that add copper.

Build 66

  • Fixed a DC when using a Shadowbeam focus in a server.
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking a XP Drain focus.
  • Fixed a dupe involving Dynamism Tablets, bottles and cauldrons.

Build 65

  • Fixed some foci not being able to be put in wands.
  • Changed Awakened Ichorium Tools to change mode with shift-right click.

Build 64

  • Fixed a crash when using Camo blocks to camo Camo blocks (yo dawg).
  • Fixed a crash with Easymode research and Lost Research Note.
  • Fixed the Leggings of the Burning Mantle not showing the discount tooltip.
  • Fixed Nether/Ender shards being extremely common.
  • Fixed Hyperenergetic Nitor and Protoclay not being in the creative tab.
  • Fixed being able to apply Slow Fall to the Boots of the Horizontal Shield.
  • Fixed the flight status not resetting after taking off the Robes of the Stratosphere.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the Celestial Network would occasionally open it's GUI for a player who wasn't standing on it.
  • Made the Celestial Network GUI easier to navigate.
  • Tweaked the code for the XP Drain focus a bit.
  • Moved the Shadowbeam Focus research to not be in the same place as a research from Thaumic Exploration.
  • Changed the Celestial Pearl recipe to output 2 rather than 1.

Build 63

  • Fixed Protoclay not having a config option for ID.
  • Fixed the XP Drain focus sometimes going over the max value on the wand.

Build 62

  • Fixed Server Crash.

Build 61

  • Allow for blocks with directions (i.e. Furnaces, Pumpkins) to keep the direction in camo blocks
  • Allow for more blocks to be used with camo blocks (i.e. Wood Logs, Quartz Blocks)
  • Fixed the Ethereal Platform breaking instantly.
  • Fixed camo blocks not respecting biome colors
  • Some typo fixes
  • Added a way to turn off the light feature in the Leggings of the Burning Mantle.
  • Added a config option to specify dimension IDs (for people who change them)
  • (KAMI) Added a few new things ;)

Build 60

  • Fixed ground level Ethereal Platforms having collision boxes on all sides.
  • Fixed the Ichorcloth armor not protecting from damage, it now protects just a little more than diamond.

Build 59 (This build is for the TC4.1 beta, do not use it unless you have it).

  • Fixed some API/method usage from old versions that doesn't work on 4.1.

Build 58

  • Updated the ComputerCraft API.
  • (KAMI) Fixed the Robes of the Stratosphere removing creative mode flight.
  • (KAMI) Changed Vector objects from LWJGL Vector2f to TC Vector3, should fix server crashes with the Leggings of the Burning Mantle.
  • (KAMI) Fixed the Worldshaper's Looking Glass acting really weird with Metadata.
  • (KAMI) Fixed a critical issue with the Black Hole Talisman where it would empty itself case your inventory was full.
  • (KAMI) Changed some logic with the Black Hole Talisman, should fix a potential crash.

Build 57

  • Fixed a crash with Ethereal Platforms.

Build 56

  • (KAMI) Fixed a really bad derp involving XP orbs going all over the place when blocks are broken with the Awakened Ichorium Tools.

Builds 48 through 55 (48 through 54 were closed beta)

  • Sorted the mod's creative tab, it's a lot cleaner now.
  • Added a config option to remove the [TT] tooltips from the thauminomicon.
  • Upgraded the Transvector blocks' camouflage code, you can now camo them as glass and other blocks of the like.
  • Removed the Infused Scribing Tools' research for once.
  • Fixed a dupe bug with the Spellbinding Cloth.
  • Changed the texture for the lightning in the attractors, shouldn't cause issues with other mods that add animated textures any more.
  • Added KAMI, a separate downloadable module that includes a bunch of new, really powerful items.
  • Added two new things for people who don't play with KAMI.

Build 47

  • Fixed a crash when putting items in the Aspectalyzer.
  • Changed the name of the fake player used by the Dynamism Tablet to localize on clients.
  • Added better documentation for Kinetic Attraction.

Build 46

  • Fix a ID typo which was making the config all weird.

Build 45

  • Buffed the durability of the Helmet of Revealing.
  • Fixed weird localization with an empty Soul Mould on a Corporeal Attractor.
  • Added Microblock support for the Greatwood and Silverwood planks.
  • Added Peripheral support for a bunch of TC and TT blocks.
  • Added a new block (exclusive to ComputerCraft users).

Build 44

  • Fixed Osmotic Enchanter removing it's set enchantments when the wand is removed.

Build 43

  • Fixed an IC2 API call on client that was crashing the game.

Build 42

  • Fixed the research for Gaseous Illuminae always being instant.
  • Fixed exploit with Osmotic Enchanter where one could enchant items with illegal enchants by switching the items without removing them.
  • Made the Transvector Dislocator's recipe be a lot cheaper.
  • Changed the Transvector Interface to pass inventoryChanged() calls to the bound tile. Should fix issues with some blocks (i.e. Factorization Barrels) looking weird.
  • Added Essentia Tube support to the Transvector Interface.
  • Nerfed the instability in the Dislocation Focus.
  • New stuff?

Build 41

  • Renamed the Thaumic Rehabilitator, it sounded stupid.
  • Buffed the Wand Focus: Efreet's Flame as it was ridiculously expensive, I don't even what was going through my head.
  • Removed the research for the Infused Scribing Tools. The reason for this being they are not function as TC is right now. They will come back when and if a TC hook that I requested is added.

Build 40

  • Fixed ComputerCraft integration not working on clientside.
  • Added Funnel and Repairer to the list of available peripherals.

Build 39

  • Fixed another compilation crash when opening the research table gui.
  • Fixed crash when clicking the Thaumic Rehabilitator with an empty hand.

Build 38

  • Fixed compilation crash.

Build 37

  • Fixed TT foci stacking.
  • Fixed Vampirism enchantment not working.
  • Made the enchanting particles have less gravity.
  • Fixed a bunch of stuff with the Essentia Funnel so it can work well with automation.
  • The Essentia Funnel now shows how many aspects are on the jar on hover.
  • Fixed the Transvector Dislocator not updating the block moved.
  • Fixed Transvector Blocks being able to be camouflaged with items, getting a null texture.
  • Fixed Cheaty Mode for for the Transvector Blocks not working.
  • A Cheaty Mode Transvector Interface will no longer lose it's binding if there's no tile on the end.
  • Added 2 new things.

Build 36

  • Fixed the Essentia Funnel being stupid.
  • Made the Ender Rift focus a bit easier to craft.

Build 35

  • Fix the mod being dependant on CodeChickenCore, oops.
  • If mirrors are disabled in the TC config, the Ender Rift focus and the Transvector Dislocator can't be researched.

Build 34

  • Fixed Transvector Dislocator not bringing tile entity contents along
  • Added a short cooldown to the Transvector Dislocator to prevent trapping
  • The Transvector Dislocator will no longer pick up unbreakable blocks, anything the portable hole can't or aura nodes.

Build 33

  • Fixed crash with Quick Draw enchant.
  • Rebalanced the Cursed Spirit's Blade a bit, it has more durability and can get Repair now, but not Vampirism.
  • Removed the ability for the Axe of the Stream to have Flaming Touch, it was causing issues.
  • Fixed the Helmet of Revealing not showing aspects and added the discount to the tooltip.

Build 32

  • Fixed Ascent Boost I Enchantment having no effect.

Build 31

  • (Hopefully) Fixed incompatibility with M&B Battlegear 2.
  • Fixed being able to place books in the Osmotic Enchanter with shift-click.
  • Added the ability to Camouflage the Transvector Interface by right clicking it with a block.
  • Added 3 items.

Build 30

  • Fixed crash in SMP.
  • Added TE3 energy support to Transvector Interface.
  • Added a new item.

Build 29

  • Fix crash all the time, again. Looks like forge changed.
  • Fixed Efreet's Flame focus being weird client-side.
  • Changed slow fall to only work after some time falling.
  • Fixed anti-crash checks in the dynamism tablet.
  • Fixed crash with putting a corporeal magnetizer next to a computer.
  • Add a check to the Dislocation focus to prevent visual anomalies.
  • Remove a stupid println.
  • Fix ascent boost enchantment making the player take more knockback.
  • Change ascent boost enchantment to be smoother.
  • Fixed candle multiparts not working with metadata.
  • Moved some researches around, again.
  • Added peripherals to a bunch more TC blocks
  • Rewrote and added research for the Mending focus.

Build 28

  • Made the mod not crash upon being loaded, oops.

Build 27

  • Moved some researches around to make more sense with the latest TT versions.
  • Increased range of Fume Dissipator by 2 blocks.
  • I'm back baby! -Vazkii

Build 26

  • Fixed NullPointerError with Dynamism Tablet.
  • Mending Focus does something now (Crafting and Research will come later).

Build 25

  • Moved Funnel location in research page to fit with latest changes.
  • Updated Language Files.

Build 24

  • Fixed Corporeal Attractor dropping as a Kinetic Attractor.
  • Changed ForgeMultipart to be a soft dependency.

Build 23

  • Added support for the Potency enchantment for a few wands from my mod.
  • Slow fall enchantment now works when not shifting, and is smoother.
  • Fixed wand in creative mode having more vis than it should.
  • Moved some researches around.
  • Implemented Multiblocks for TC and TT blocks, and Multipart for Candles (ForgeMultipart Required).
  • Added ComputerCraft Peripheral support for Nodes in Jars and Wand Pedestals.
  • Added a new focus.

Build 22

  • Added Telekinesis Focus ID to the config.
  • Localized Vampirism enchantment properly.
  • Fixed Corporeal Attractor not saving adult/child setting.
  • Fix Essentia Funnel not setting the jar to regular Warded Jar when done.
  • Fixed the Dynamism Tablet destroying buckets if they were used to milk a cow.
  • Fixed Hyperenergetic Nitor not placing properly in caves and closed places.
  • Fixed dupe with Osmotic Enchanter with iron/copper capped wands.
  • Fixed Osmotic Enchanter sometimes doubling enchantments up.
  • Removed lost enchantment flag from Brain in a Jar.

Build 21

  • Fix a major issue with the Osmotic Enchanter crashing the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Essentia Funnel.

Build 20

  • Tweaks.

Build 19

  • Fixed a crash.

Build 18

  • Initial Release.