Thaumic Tinkerer

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Filename ThaumicTinkerer-2.3-130.jar
Uploaded by Nekosune
Uploaded Mar 3, 2014
Game Version 1.6.4
Size 1.78 MB
Downloads 97,685
MD5 8f7c16bbd6a7fc916c17d71cafffb3de
Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions


Public Release of Thaumic Tinkerer 130 for Thaumcraft 4.1

Build 130

  • Fixed crash cased by kami and mirrors interaction

Build 127

  • Made erroring focii only available when mirrors enabled
  • Made Thaumic Tinkerer add CC API to Void jars
  • Attempt to fix crash with updating ichor wands

Build 101

  • Removed Locomotive's entity movement
  • Added blacklist for spawning ores in the bedrock dimension
  • Fixed bug where conflicting enchantments could be applied in the enchanter
  • Fix error with disabling dimension
  • KAMI research is no longer hidden.

Build 99

  • Update German Translations
  • Config file for bedrock dimension ore density
  • Updated vis discounting to work with 4.1
  • Removed ability of staffs to work in enchanter, at Azanor's request
  • Fix withers breaking bedrock
  • Fix potential compatibility issues
  • Fix AoE pickaxe if bedrock dimension is disabled

Build 98

  • Fixed Ichorium wand components.

Build 97

  • Bedrock dimension has 1/6 of the ores. Now it looks sad and lonely.

Build 96

  • Make some research not-hidden
  • Fixed: Excavation focus can break bedrock