Thaumic Bases

440,913 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9


Some added researches


Some added researches


Some added researches


Some added researches


Some added researches

New devices

Some new nifty node interactions!

Some more devices

Is that a new tree hanging out?

New decorations

I do remember these...

What the...

What is this, I don't even...

Also some new blocks

A nifty overchanting table and some spikes!

New enchantments

I've used the Osmotic Enchanter from Thaumic Tinkerer(ehh... So many devs... And I only remember Vazkii, pixlepix and nekosune... Anyway, credits to the autors of the mod :P) to show them

Elder Wisdom

A new enchantment for the weapons

A Tainted Enchantment

This one can't be obtained via enchanting - a weapon must be thrown into a tainted node to obtain this one ;)

Magic Touch

Another new weapon enchantment for the sword!


Yet another weapon enchantment, which adds a chance of slain mobs dropping their crystallized essentia

Eldritch Bane

Well... I think that it is a pretty obvious enchantment ;)