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Filename Thaumcraft-1.8.9-5.2.2.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Mar 15, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
Size 12.24 MB
Downloads 2,848
MD5 12ed6874a519e93c3c700407a6d53c42
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- new stuff

- 9 coins can now be crafted into a gold bar

- totems now properly count all chunks in their inner and outer range as eligible

- possible fix for golems with the hauler tag occasionally getting stuck holding a ghost item.

- when sprinting while flying with a thaumostatic harness, vis usage will be greatly increased.

- fix for infusion crafting speed modifiers (from upgrades and altar types) not being applied

- changed the way revelations in the outer lands is gained. It is now a secondary research, but should be a lot less buggy.

- the Warping effect on gear will now also increase the time it takes for warp events to stop happening after warp is gained.

- fixed the recipe for sustaining ring enchantment to use the proper metadata value for the water breathing potion. The MC wiki lied to me :(

- the dioptra now emits a comparator signal based on the aura levels for the current chunk (based on which crystal is placed inside)

- fiddled with grapple focus syncing a bit. The grapple head might now shift position slightly while you are being pulled as the client and server catches up to each other, but it won't seem to connect to empty air anymore or give 'false' connects.

- by default filtered seals will now be in blacklist mode and a completely empty white list will not allow anything through (currently empty white lists act like empty black lists which is counter to how most other mods work)

- fill seals can now be set to only fill a container if it already contains an item like that

- empty and provider seals can be set to always leave at least 1 item of a type in their container

- several small tweaks and bugfixes


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