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Filename Thaumcraft-1.8.9-5.2.0.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Mar 3, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
Size 12.19 MB
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MD5 58d600ed88514edbd9a5431a37dedf3e
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- API: addition to the seal filtering api involving having filters with stacksizes>0
- API: added methods to allow checking of redstone signals for seals.
- many non-wand items powered by vis no longer recharge themselves from the aura. They can hold much more charge than they could before, but require a recharge pedestal (or vis amulet) to recharge.
- the vis amulet no longer has an internal store of vis. Instead it acts as a portable recharge pedestal for any 'rechargable' item worn (armor, baubles) or held in your hotbar.
- added a hud element to clearly indicate the charge levels in items. If the charge level remains constant the hud elemenent will hide itself after some time to reduce onscreen clutter. There is a config option to change where on the screen the hud is displayed.
- added blast resistant property to some golem materials
- golems placing blocks via the use seal will block themselves from placing it a lot less now
- block breaker seal will now be able to properly filter things like logs
- block breaker, harvest and lumber seals now check their area 5 times faster
- chain lighting focus and arcing enchant will now ignore friendly entities you own
- changed the way elemental tools work behind the scenes and also altered the abilties some of them had. This is still a WIP.
- added a revised infusion enchantment system based on adding unique 'enchantments' in line with elemental tool abilities.
- node merging will now only happen serverside and not cause odd desync issues
- goggles of revealing now require brass in their recipe as intended. The have been repairable with brass instead of a gold for a while now, but looks like I missed the recipe.
- gears and plates are cheaper to craft now.
- getting to the simplest golems will no longer require scanning something that isn't extremely obvious.
- golems can now be dyed light blue
- seals can now be set to deactivate if they recieve a redstone signal
- harvest seal will now attempt to till soil if it was farmland previously, but has turned into dirt
- the store seals can now be set to infinitely fill (like they currently do) or only fill up to a specific amount in white list mode.
- provide seal should definitely only take a single item now when you have that setting ticked
- fixed the oh so incredibly bugged essentia crystalizer. It was using crazy amounts of vis since it was still thinking it was in TC 4 and getting fed CV
- fixed pech mage trading crash bug
- pechs now only trade for things worth at least 2 lucrum
- wand textures should now properly update when resourcepacks are loaded/unloaded
- fixed a huge bug that meant that aura recharge and pollution events where ignoring the world they happened in and just happened in whatever dimension processed them first - usually the overworld.
- eldritch portal should be visible again
- thaumcraft mobs now have aspects again
- made scattershot frost focus a bit more effective at short range
- flammable things are now flammable
- vis crystals are now more limited in their spread - only 4 'generations' of growth can occur from a central crystal before spread stops. This is still a fairly large patch, but will prevent caves from being completely overrun by crystals on servers.
- brain in a jar now retains its xp when picked up
- added brass lid braces. Placing these on a warded or void jar will prevent essentia being placed in or drawn from the jar by transfusers or infusion crafting

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