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Filename Thaumcraft-1.8.9-5.1.4.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Jan 20, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
Size 11.97 MB
Downloads 25,840
MD5 c1b7446650492f75fc0cab3d3d0e29b8
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- builder focus

- taint events (like flux rain) will no longer trigger in wuss mode

- added Flux Sponge creative only item to drain flux from the aura

- provisioning with seals should no longer cause a crash on servers

- builder and equal trade focus should properly ignore and/or replace liquid blocks

- made flux events a bit more diverse and not just related to taint. This will be expanded a lot more in future updates

- added a config setting for those who want to remove some anxiety inducing effects

- node magnets will now ignore stabilized nodes

- tweaked golem ranged AI and rebalanced golem dart launchers

- made research packets passed between client and server on login more robust which should reduce the chances of losing research, warp, etc.

- fixed up some legacy research loading code that was making a real mess of things

- seals now follow the normal right-click rules which will allow you to (for example) place them in pedestals for infusion.

- infusion recipes that simply added NBT to an item (like the fortress armor mask recipes) should now work again

- fixed items like the primal crusher not dropping xp for certain harvested items.

- added support for Botania petal apothecary

- earth shock upgrade will once again leave the area charged.

- block breaker seal can be now set to ignore block metadata

- store seal task generation reworked so there should not be occasions where no task exist for a given seal

- store seals no longer need to be placed on an inventory. The golem will simply drop the item at the location if no inventory exists.

- fix for emptying transfusers not being able to work through essentia mirrors

- fixed node stabilizers occasionally skipping a tick giving other nodes a momentary chance to creep closer

- fixed many smaller bugs


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