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Filename Thaumcraft-1.8.9-5.1.2.jar
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Jan 12, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
Size 11.94 MB
Downloads 3,262
MD5 add56edaa4600d2bf1ca12bd9df798b8
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


- fixed seal recipes and added a way for addon devs to easily get itemstacks for a specific seal
- taint fibres should now render again in the latest versions of forge.
- taint should now show up on maps
- fixed vis shard projectile rendering crash
- you no longer need an alembic above the smelter for alembics above attached aux slurry pumps to work
- tweaked golem reach distance so they wont get stuck being too close to move, but too far to actually interact with their target
- tubes like the valve now have a proper facing when placed.
- grapple focus now has a limit to its pulling force to prevent launching players into orbit
- aggression module is now linked to the proper research and should be craftable
- rebalanced oculus cost. Now costs 500 instead of 1000 vis
- increased boss health

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