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Filename Thaumcraft-1.7.10-
Uploaded by Azanor13
Uploaded Oct 10, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 10.32 MB
Downloads 95,274
MD5 0b3d9da438bb3ceaae85e2175bff9ea4
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- updated to Forge

- the new forge should resolve the biome weights issue where they had to be multiples of 10

- removed the hitch or lag that occurs when you read a recipe in the thaumonomicon for the first time

- primal wand focus is no longer affected by the mob griefing rule in regards to its explosions

- fixed rendering bug with certain resourcepack particles losing their transparency

- infernal furnace is once again looking in the right place when it counts bellows

- thaumatorium will once again be able to draw essentia from all adjacent blocks

- many thaumcraft "machine" or storage blocks now interact with comparators

- fixed a suction related bug with buffers and added a way to choke the suction on a side to 0 as well as 1

- corrected crimson rites tooltip

- thaumcraft plants, leaves and logs had their asbestos removed to address health and safety concerns

- fix crash that occurs when a travelling trunk with an entropy upgrade picks up an item.

- when using fragments to try and find hidden research you must now right-click the resulting "unknown research" note to turn it into the research. If none was found it will automatically turn back into fragments. As in the old days you are not guaranteed to get all 9 your fragments back

- silk touch on shovel of the earthmover now works as it should

- axe of the stream now works as it did in previous versions. Any blocks it breaks automatically move towards player, but right click draws in items instead of harvesting faster.

- the pickaxe of the core now only shows ores, lava and water