• Adds the ability to age alcoholic beverages from TerraFirmaCraft: The Next Generation to add positive effects when drinking them.
  • You can put an alcoholic beverage in a barrel, seal the barrel, and let it age for one season (3 in-game months, depending on your month-length in the TFC config). When it's done, it will be an aged version of the same drink and it will give you positive effects to help you.
  1.         Whiskeys: Haste.
  2.         Cider: Speed.
  3.         Beer: Health Boost.
  4.         Rum: Jump Boost.
  5.         Vodka: Resistance.
  6.         Sake: Night Vision.
  • You can only have one effect at a time on you.
  • The duration is 3 minutes for most drinks, 10 minutes for beer and 2 minutes for sake.
  • This works well with the mod TFC Water Flasks so that you keep your buffs on you without filling your inventory with single flasks.