Textile Backup

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Textile Backup

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Small, configurable, fully server-side backup mod for Fabric and Forge

Commands look like that: /backup 'operation'

Available operations are:

  • start - just starts backup. You can add comment* to file by just typing it after command. For example: /backup start FabricIsGreat
  • restore - restores backup. Note that the current world will be backuped, and you can add comment to it. /backup restore <creation time> [comment]
  • killR - terminate current restoration.
  • list - lists all avaliable backups.
  • cleanup - forces cleanup procedure (deletes old backups according to config)
  • whitelist - here you can add, remove and list player that are allowed to run any operation within this mod despite not having high enough permission level*
  • blacklist - here you can add, remove and list player that are not allowed to run any operation within this mod despite having high enough permission level*

All the above can only be done by server admins(permission level 4 - configurable*) / player on single player with cheats on although on singleplayer .

Feel free to use this mod in your modpack or on server!


  • Fabric API IS REQUIRED and I highly recommend updating it to the newest available version every time you update this mod!
  • Time format used as default by this mod is: dd.MM.yyyy_HH-mm-ss although it is configurable*.
  • Fabric version contains Cotton Config and its dependencies as jars in jar, which are property of CottonMC, while Forge contains code based on cottons' one.

* - feature available since 1.1.0

Versions prior to 1.1.1 produced files that were inoperable by Windows explorer, but you should be able to open them using WinRAR.

If you have any suggestions or found a problem please report it on Github.

And here's a link to my discord server


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