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Filename tetra-1.14.4-1.19.0.jar
Uploaded by mickelus
Uploaded Feb 13, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4   +1
Size 1.31 MB
Downloads 28,080
MD5 ab8c5696ad92a9a9ff653cc2254815b2
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Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


* added experimental support for tridents & shovels (disabled by default)

* fixed diamond shortblade not being craftable, fixes #116
* added cutting requirement for bowstrings
* grip loops now gives a slight increase to reach
* cleansing destabilizations no longer has a chance to cause new destabilizations
* module crafting no longer requires xp when in creative mode
* fixed some items incorrectly gaining honing progress from breaking grass
* re-added missing blade improvements
* fixed faulty improvement setup for duplex tools
* removed synergy bonus for obsidian hammer
* changed forged blocks to require a tier 4 hammer to break

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