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Addon to Tetra mod which gives you workbenches in many wood variations (including mod-added woods, of course).
You deserve a a nice looking workbench that fits the rest of the environment.


Let us answer your questions right away:

How do we obtain these in-game?
Grab a tetra hammer and right-click a birch crafting table to get a birch workbench. Right click a maple crafting table to get a maple workbench.

...so, more dependencies?
Yes. We need variant crafting tables to turn them into variant workbenches and this mod doesn't add those.
This is intended to go hand-in-hand with Workshop for handsome adventurer. Workshop adds (objectively awesome) crafting tables we need.
More importantly, workshop has a system to create blocks in any wood type you have in your modpack (* almost any) and this mod relies on that system.

Which biome mods are supported?

How about mods that add only one wood type? Which ones?
Yes* (if it's a full set wood type (with slabs and stripped logs), then yes).

So can this work without this workshop mod you're making me add too?
What is wrong with you?
Okay, yes... but only for vanilla woods, and even for those you need some mod to add crafting tables. (variant crafting tables, more crafting tables....). That will work.
But workshop will automatically add both crafting tables (superior ones) and tetra tables in all(*) wood types you have in your mod pack.



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