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Tesla Modular Solars


This mod adds a modular solar panel which generates / transfers and stores a low level of power during the day.


You can craft upgrade modules:


  • Power Generation Telsa/PerTick
  • Power Capacity
  • Power Transfer Rates


Each upgrade comes in 3 tiers T1/2/3, simply right click a solar panel with an upgrade item in your hand to increase the Solar Panel's attributes accordingly.  Don't worry about moving your Solar Panels around, simply harvest the Panel and it will drop all your added upgrades, nothing is lost.


Solar Panels don't work at night, whilst raining or if you place blocks directly above.


I do plan on expanding the mod and have added an Ore called Titanium to the worldGen, also added the Dust/Ingot and Block to the OreDictionary.


You also have some slightly strong Armour to use, along with a full set of "Interesting Tools", by interesting, you should try them out and see what wonders they hold.


This mod has a dependency on Tesla API, make sure to download that mod/api as well.


This Mod will also work with compatible mods which add the Tesla to RedStone Flux conversion. 




Tesla Solars



Have Fun