Terrible Chest

24,342 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

1.14.4-3 update is highly dependent on the Forge implementation and cannot be backported to 1.12.2



1 page 27 slots and about 4.3 billion amounts per slot.

Use Diamond Sphere for unlock new page.

It shares content like an Ender Chest.

Outline - Demo


You can use single-page mode by setting in the Config.
This mode does not allow you to add more pages, but you can manage items with a larger GUI than in multi-page mode.

Image - Outline

Directory: .minecraft/config/terrible_chest-common.toml


- maxPageLimit
Specifies the maximum number of pages that can be extended in multi-page mode.

- slotStackLimit
Specifies the maximum number of items that can be stored in a slot.

- useSinglePageMode
Specifies whether to use single-page mode.
If you switch from single-page mode to multi-page mode, the maximum number of pages will be zero.
Use the resetMaxPage configuration to correct this.

- resetMaxPage
Correct the maximum number of pages that will be zero when switching from single-page mode to multi-page mode.

---- 1.12.2-x

- useItemHandlerCapability
  If true, enable ItemHandler capability.
  Set to True when using a hopper.

- stopItemCollectionAndDeliver

  If true, stop item collection and deliver.

  Set to True to prevent unexpected behavior when using a hopper.



Recipe - Terrible Chest


Recipe - Diamond Sphere


Recipe - Terrible Bangle


Move one by one / [CTRL] + [LEFT-CLICK]

Demo - Move one by one

Move all stack for one item / [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [LEFT-CLICK]

Demo - Move all stack for one item

Swap slots / [ALT] + [LEFT-CLICK]

Demo - Swap slots

Sort Inventory / [NUMBER(0-9)]

  [1]: Order by item id

  [2]: Order by name

  [3]: Order by item count

  ** These keys can be changed from within the game. **

Demo - Sort with id


Demo - Controls 


Terrible Bangle:

Using Terrible Bangle, you can perform special operations for Terrible Chest inventory.

Item collection






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