Terrestria (Fabric)

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Filename terrestria-1.0.12+build.47.jar
Uploaded by coderbot16
Uploaded Nov 30, 2019
Game Version Fabric
Size 1.03 MB
Downloads 1,959
MD5 12a52db030990f994ce3c3c8628e8146
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


Many tweaks and improvements, this is the final 1.14.4 feature release

  • Note: 1.14.4 support will be dropped once Terrestria is released for 1.15
  • Basalt Dirt renamed to Andisol, Basalt Grass renamed to Andisol Grass
  • Rename Basalt Sand to Black Sand
  • Make Sakura Leaf Piles replaceable and break instantly like vanilla Grass plants
    • They will rarely drop saplings and sticks
    • They will drop themselves with Silk Touch
  • Sakura Leaf Piles can now be crafted, place two Sakura Leaves like you're crafting carpet (an ## pattern)
  • Fix bug where Basalt Cobblestone would replace Obsidian incorrectly
  • Sheep can now eat Andisol Grass
  • Add Andisol Podzol, should work exactly like vanilla Podzol
    • Mega spruce trees replace Andisol and Andisol Grass with Andisol Podzol
    • Mushrooms can always be placed on andizol podzol
    • Drops Andisol Podzol with silk touch
  • Sugar Cane can be placed on Andisol, Andisol Grass, and Andisol Podzol
  • Known Issue: Huge mushrooms cannot be grown on Andisol Grass. I spent 2 hours trying to fix this bug to no success. It's a lot easier to fix on 1.15.
  • Update loom to 0.2.6

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