2,931,131 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Mountain Village

Showing TerraForged's terrain, taiga biome & custom taiga trees. Biomes o Plenty can be seen in the foreground biome

Taiga Sunset

Showing just TerraForged and vanilla biomes (with TF's custom biome features such as trees)

Flower Hills

Showing TerraForged + vanilla only

Mountain Backdrop

Demonstrating TerraForged's terrain running along side Biomes o Plenty


Showing TerraForged's terrain, custom trees, smooth-snow option. A Biomes o Plenty biome can be seen to the back left


Showing TerraForged & vanilla biomes only. (Custom trees included in TF)

Meandering River

Showing one of TerraForged's river types running through a birch forest biome (custom trees included in TF)

Terraced Mountains

Showing another TerraForged hill/mountain type, custom trees and smooth snow option

Mountain Range

Showing a TerraForged mountain range. (This was taken before custom trees were added to the mod, so those are vanilla )