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Survival Mode As It Should've Been


TerraFirmaCraft (TFC) is a total conversion mod that overhauls and reinvents survival mode. The goal of the mod is to create a believable, challenging survival experience, in a brand new immersive setting. It completely overhauls Minecraft world generation - from adding plate tectonics, to flowing rivers, to mountain ranges, to varied and diverse forests, flora, and fauna. Below is a list of some of the features of this mod:


  • The underground has been completely reimagined, with layers of different types of rock, and massive sparse ore deposits of several different types.
  • A fully fledged technology tree, from pottery and pit kilns, to charcoal production, producing iron with a bloomery, steel making and more.
  • Seasons, weather, and a realistic climate and calendar model cause the player to need to stockpile food for winter to survive.
  • The world is alive, with many different plants, wild crops, wild fruits, animals - both passive and predators - to find
  • The player must manage their food's expiration, nutrition, and thirst using our detailed food and cooking mechanics.


In order to understand all of these new features, TerraFirmaCraft comes with a detailed in-game Field Guide, which is available from the moment you spawn in, and will guide you through the art of surviving in this brand-new world.


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TerraFirmaCraft World GenerationAn example of the different types of environments you might find in TerraFirmaCraft.


For Servers: You will need to use the tfc:tng level type in order to generate a world. Alternatively, if you delete your world, and, TFC will set the world type automatically.


For Pack and Addon Developers: Huge parts of TerraFirmaCraft are customizable using datapacks, and all the formats and data we use are included in our API Documentation.


This mod is based on original work by Robert "Bioxx" Anthony, Amanda "Kittychanley" Halek, and others, and has been made possible by the dedicated work of Dries007, Bunsan, AlcatrazEscapee, EERussianGuy, and many others. With original music by Mike "Menoch" Pelaez.