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This is currently a pre-hardmode and partial hardmode Terraria mod for Minecraft versions 1.16.5. Terraria Hardmode features up to the mechanical bosses have been added as of V1.3.  Many features, mobs and functional items have been moved into Minecraft from Terraria from pre-hardmode and hardmode including but not limited to:


-120+ new hostile and passive mobs including a flyable bee mount and rideable unicorn

-6 placeable turrets including a mountable ballista and catapult

-Underground rooms and treasures, with some chests and rooms that need keys to open

-Double jump bottles that stack, (up to 4 extra jumps)

-Underworld dimension accessible by falling into the void

-all armor, weapons, pickaxe tiers through the mechanical bosses

-decorative blocks including round pillars, shelves, tables, chairs, windows

-Terraria crafting stations including, alchemy table, hell forge, mythril anvil, bewitching table, extractinator, tinkerers workshop, etc.

-Rocket boots, all variants

-Wings, 4 variants

-Bottled fairies help detect rooms around you

-Terraria flowers and potions

-Special movements including a dash, back jump, and leap depending on weapon, item abilities

-3 terraria villagers, including the Guide to help with recipes, Merchant, and Goblin Tinkerer

-Coin system from Terraria

-Non craftable TerraCraft items sell for coins

-Crimson, Corruption and Hallow biomes, mobs, bosses, and items

-All bosses up through the mechanical bosses including wall of flesh

-adapted jungle, desert, and ice biomes to more closely resemble Terraria with addition of appropriate mobs

-pets, including bee, hornet, shadow orb, unicorn, and Imp

-trash slots

-fishing loot adapted for terraria including wood, iron, and golden crates

-randomized treasure loot tables for many different terraria treasure chests found in the world(marble, granite, gold, dungeon, wood, crates, etc.)

-massive Skeletron Dungeon including functional water candles

-heart containers and mana containers

-magic system including staffs, guns, items

-Goblin army

-TerraCraft items do not have durability and can't be broken (durability may be added in the future)

-Functioning mirrors that teleport you back to certain color beds

-procedurally generated obsidian and hell houses in the underworld

-functioning tinkerers workshop to combine special items

-functioning mythril and orichalcum anvils to make high end items

-reforge using the goblin tinkerer

-structure generation including sky islands

-drills that mine veins of material

-unique weapons that include the crystal vile shard, controllable flying knife, clinger staff, and true nights edge

-6 different mimics that will spawn once you reach hard mode

-4 segmented enemies that take damage from hitting their segments more than the head

-20+ new status effects including: drain, cursed flames, regeneration, bast denfense, ichor, frostburn, etc

-tough werewolf mobs that only spawn in hardmode on full moons

-much, much, more.  I really don't feel like listing it all.


It is Highly recommended that you play with Keep inventory ON since all TerraCraft items take effort to make and find so they aren't easy to replace.  On players death, levels and coins are removed instead like in Terraria.  Also, playing with the "starting chest" when making a new world will give access to a starter house with copper equipment.


The Mod is designed as closely to Terraria as I could without changing the core visuals of Minecraft.  I recommend consulting the "Guide villager" or the normal Terraria Wiki for ideas on how to progress if you get stuck.