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I might revisit this idea in the future, but this version of it will never recieve any more updates

Tenebris is a magic mod that adds new weapons, tools, armor and a lot of new features.

(sorry for my english if there are any mistakes)


The mod on mcreator.net


To start using this mod, you'll have to break a spawner and smelt spawner shards into Soulsteel Ingots.



Soulsteel is a magical alloy. You can craft armor and tools from it. Kill a mob with a scythe or an axe and a soul will appear. You can collect it with a bottle and use it later.


Craft a soul basin from 7 Polished Deepslate and a Soul Bottle. You can fill the basin with soul bottles. Throwing an item inside transmutes it into something different. Here's a list of possible transmutations:

  • Iron Ingot -> Soulsteel Ingot - Uses 1 soul
  • Iron Block -> Soulsteel Block - Uses 9 soul
  • Iron Ore -> Soulsteel Ore - Uses 1 soul
  • Sand -> Soulsand - Doesn't use soul, but there must at least 1 soul in the basin.
  • Dirt -> Soul Soil - Doesn't use soul, but there must at least 1 soul in the basin.
  • Torch -> Soul Torch - Doesn't use soul, but there must at least 1 soul in the basin.
  • Lantern -> Soul Lantern - Doesn't use soul, but there must at least 1 soul in the basin.
  • Campfire -> Soul Campfire - Doesn't use soul, but there must at least 1 soul in the basin.
  • Quartz or Amethyst - > Soul Infused CrystalUses 2 soul
  • Quartz Block or Amethyst Block- > Soul Infused Crystal BlockUses 8 soul


Soul Infused Crystal

A magical gem. Used for crafting. Can be crafted into blocks.


5 Polished Deepslate Slabs, 1 Deepslate Bricks, 1 Soul Infused Crystal can be crafted into a Ritual Table, the custom crafting table.

You will also need a runic chisel to craft runes, which are used for all the ritual table recipes.


Soul Harvest is an enchantment that allows to get soul with any weapon.


Crystallized Soul

Throw a soul bottle on top of Soul Crystallizer block to turn it into a Crystallized Soul Ingot. It's used for crafting


Craft a Dark Forge block. It requires a multiblock structure to work.

  • Bottom layer: 3x3 square of Dark Plating
  • Middle layer: 4 Deepslate Brick Walls on the corners. Dark Forge in the middle.
  • Top layer: 3x3 square of Dark Plating


It's used for one recipe: 1 Soulsteel Ingot in the center slot, 1 Crystallized Soul Ingot on one side slot, 1 Phantom Membrane on the other side slot. Requires 32 soul.

The output is a Phantom Ingot


Phantom Metal

Used to upgrade soulsteel items on a smithing table. You get invisibility while wearing a full set of phatom armor. The armor becomes invisible too.