Tech Reborn

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Filename TechReborn-5.2.0-beta.3.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Apr 20, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
Size 5.23 MB
Downloads 97,534
MD5 5dfed95084ece883420a86aa83313657
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Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


- Fix release.yml (modmuss50)
- Bump version. (modmuss50)
- Replace all accessors with accesswideners. (modmuss50)
- Update fabric api (modmuss50)
- Canning patch (#2911) (Ayutac)
- New recipes (#2907) (Ayutac)
- Uncrafting Overhaul (#2893) (Ayutac, modmuss50)
- Corrected miss-named criterium. (Ayutac)
- Updated rubber door texture ref, fixes #2894 (Ayutac)
- Added rubber door texture (Ayutac)
- Replace MixinItemStack with new API in Fabric. (modmuss50)
- Fix Iridiyum advancement. Closes #2878 (drcrazy)
- Revert "#2775 Adding Trinket support for BatpackItem. Thanks to SimonFlapse" (modmuss50)
- Fixed #2892 Added Dark Green color. Thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- Added Block Breaker and Block Placer Machine. Huge thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- More sawmill recipes, finally :) Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- Datagen'd the vanilla dye recipes. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Dispenser Scrap Box related bug fix. Thanks to aria1th. (AngelBottomless)
- No, bad RuntimeException!! (Ayutac)
- Formatted comment for better readability (Ayutac)
- RuntimeExceptions are not to be thrown (Ayutac)
- Fix #2847 Allowing values larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE. Thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- Added fishing junk loot (#2869) (Ayutac)
- Fix #2811 Iron Furnace recipe reset did not reset progress. Thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- Added datagen: Concrete Grinder and some dying recipes. Thanks to Ayutac (Ayutac)
- #2775 Adding Trinket support for BatpackItem. Thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- Fix RecipeCrafter spamming sound every tick. Thanks to aria1th (AngelBottomless)
- New recipes + 1 nerf. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Fix #2872 Converted Nickel Dust advancement to Nugget. Thanks to SimonFlapse. (Simon)
- Fix #2850 Fetching cooking time based on recipe. Thanks to SimonFlapse (Simon)
- Fixed file ending to .json (Ayutac)
- Fixed file ending to .json (Ayutac)
- Replaced crafting_table with c:workbench, thanks to Xanthian (Ayutac)
- Replace blockus:barrels with c:wooden_barrels, thanks to Xanthian (Ayutac)
- Cable optimization: use BlockApiCache to get adjacent BE. Thanks Technici4n (Technici4n)
- Made drain speed configurable for #2863. Thanks to Ayutac. (Ayutac)
- Delete src/main/resources/data/blockus/tags/items directory (xanthian)
- Update auto_crafting_table.json (xanthian)
- Create workbench (xanthian)
- Create wooden_barrels (xanthian)
- Update crude_storage_unit.json (xanthian)
- Cache Torus.generate result for Origin (#2845) (AngelBottomless)
- Fix possible server crash. (modmuss50)
- Remove autoswitch api as the API broke, and I cannot find a working latest version on jitpack or cursemaven. I can bring this back once fixed, right now this is breaking the build. (modmuss50)
- 5.2.0-beta.2 (modmuss50)
- Add ClientNetworkManager (modmuss50)
- Resin Basin updated. Thanks to Spearkiller and Ayutac. (#2777) (Ayutac)
- Even more client/server cleanup. (modmuss50)
- Revert manual.png removal. (modmuss50)
- More client/server cleanup. (modmuss50)
- Update curseforge version. (modmuss50)
- Fix log spam due to trying to add RebornRecipe's to the recipe book. (modmuss50)
- Fix #2842 Register the recipe type with vanilla's registry. (modmuss50)
- Stable 1.18.2 (modmuss50)
- Move all RebornCore client code into the client package. (modmuss50)
- Fix item renderer command doing bad things. Now works on a server :) (modmuss50)
- Refactor sendNoSpamMessage to use a packet, fixes a number of issues where no chat messsage was being received at all. (modmuss50)
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'Ayutac/1.18-Ayutac-datagen-6' into 1.18 (modmuss50)
- Split GuiType into ClientGuiType to remove some horrid code. (modmuss50)
- add c:workbench (xanthian)
- add c:wooden_barrels to recipe (xanthian)
- Merge branch '1.18' into 1.18-Ayutac-datagen-6 (Ayutac)
- Corrected Toast icons for blast furnace and assembling machine (Ayutac)
- Corrected Toast icons for fusion computer and centrifuge (Ayutac)
- Forgot toast for rubber planks (Ayutac)
- Toast-related bug fixes. (Ayutac)
- Added some toasts for rolling machine (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for fusion reactor (Ayutac)
- Added missing fluid recipes to centrifuge (Ayutac)
- Corrected recipe name (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for dist. tower, s.c.m. and wire mill (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for silicon plate in blast furnace (Ayutac)
- Added centrifuge recipe advancements. Centrifuge doesn't have correct symbol displayed in toast (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for fluids in chem. reactor (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for helium via vacuum_freezer (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/unit/tank (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/unit/storage (Ayutac)
- Added non-datagen toasts for crafting_table/storage_block (Ayutac)
- Added some non-datagen toasts for crafting_table/ingot (Ayutac)
- Added non-datagen toasts for crafting_table/dust (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/armor (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/battery (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/misc_block (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/parts (Ayutac)
- Added ind sawmill datagen (Ayutac)
- Added simple ind grinder toasts (Ayutac)
- Added non-datagen grinder toasts (Ayutac)
- Gave datagen/content a marker to be filtered out if not needed (Ayutac)
- Corrected grinder recipe name (Ayutac)
- Simplified calcite related recipes (Ayutac)
- Corrected recipe name (Ayutac)
- Added toast for new vacuum freezer recipe (Ayutac)
- Added non-datagen compressor toasts (Ayutac)
- renamed 2 compressor recipes to fit rest (Ayutac)
- forgot to delete a duplicate (Ayutac)
- Put the default toast additions into a proper place. (Ayutac)
- Update tungsten_ingot.json (xanthian)
- Added byg compatibility recipe advancements (Ayutac)
- Some bug fixes to the new toasts (Ayutac)
- Added Industrial Blast Furnace recipe advancements (Ayutac)
- Added Assembly Machine Smelter recipe advancements (Ayutac)
- Added Alloy Smelter recipe advancements (Ayutac)
- Added Vacuum Freezer Recipe toasts w/o Helium Plasma (Ayutac)
- Added Implosion Compressor Recipe toasts w/o alt (Ayutac)
- Added Extractor Recipe toasts w/o empty cell (Ayutac)
- Added Chemical Reactor Recipe toasts w/o fluids (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting recipes not in subfolders (Ayutac)
- Improved the industrial_electrolyzer toasts (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for industrial_electrolyzer thanks to Xanthian (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/tool (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/upgrade (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/solar_panel (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/cable (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/machine_block (Ayutac)
- Changed drain toast according to new recipe. (Ayutac)
- Added toasts for crafting_table/machine (Ayutac)
- Merge branch '1.18' into 1.18-Ayutac-datagen-6 (Ayutac)
- Added toast generation for datagen'd recipes (Ayutac)
- Fixed Blast Furnace data gen. (Ayutac)
- Tried adding BlastFurnace recipes, doesn't work yet (Ayutac)
- Used TagConvertible for all smelting recipes. (Ayutac)
- Compressor datagen w/o toasts. 66 recipes changed from manual to datagen (Ayutac)
- Grinder datagen w/o toasts. -25 manual, +41 datagen recipes (Ayutac)

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