Tech Reborn

17,259,140 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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Filename TechReborn-5.0.4-beta+build.83.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Jul 20, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1
Size 3.73 MB
Downloads 1,145
MD5 98b85b8b3997fe3770d28f8b0a768d1b
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions


"- Use openjdk:16-jdk-buster as it has git installed. (modmuss50)"
"- Bump version (modmuss50)"
"- Cleanup worldgen code, should fix a lot of issues with other mods. Configuration will come later. (modmuss50)"
"- Fix with no changelog (modmuss50)"
"- Add changelog generation (modmuss50)"
"- Update Gradle, loom. Give it more memory. (modmuss50)"
"- Publish reborn core jar to curseforge and TR's github (modmuss50)"
"- Fix conflicts with mojang's mappings (modmuss50)"
"- Finish 1.17.1 port (modmuss50)"
"- First pass on 1.17.1 update. 13 errors left (drcrazy)"
"- Decrease carbon footprint of Solid fuel generator. Improvement due to #2403 (drcrazy)"
"- Revert fix for corner. I was looking on a wrong line on debug screen. Closes #2450 (drcrazy)"
"- Fix some warnings. (drcrazy)"
"- Bronze small dust is gone. (drcrazy)"
"- Aluminium and brass small dusts are gone (drcrazy)"
"- Silver and lead small dusts are gone. (drcrazy)"
"- Fix centrifuge recipes for brass, bronze and electrum. (drcrazy)"
"- Gold and Tin small dusts are gone. (drcrazy)"
"- Raw metals got "c" tags. Closes #2448 (drcrazy)"
"- More loot tables for the god of loot tables. Closes #2454 (drcrazy)"
"- DashLoader compatibility (#2453). Thanks to alphaqu (Yan Chubikov)"
"- Make 1 copper block give 9 copper plates (#2449). Thanks to  Technici4n! (Technici4n)"
"- Some work on render command #2445 (drcrazy)"
"- Gold small dust is gone. All hail gold nugget. (drcrazy)"
"- Fix cell rendering for modded spriteless fluids. Closes #2429 (drcrazy)"
"- Change speed increase to time decrease. Closes #2438 (drcrazy)"
"- FIx breaking speed to TR ores. Closes #2425 (drcrazy)"
"- Fix ore drop. Closes #2427 (drcrazy)"
"- Iron small dust is gone. All hail iron nugget. (drcrazy)"

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