Tech Reborn

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Filename TechReborn-1.16-3.4.3+build.72.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Jul 9, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 3.53 MB
Downloads 5,966
MD5 80528c870f3fde8896b0acd3fc0690c1
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


(justin vitale) #betaBuild
(github) Cable distribution hotfix (#2159)
(justin vitale) Don't sync stack greater than 1 for locked item stack (byte overflow)
(justin vitale) Only allow items to be inserted if empty and not locked or issametype
(justin vitale) fix accessing storage unit with nothing in hand
(justin vitale) Sync storedStack via NBT instead of registry (Keep tags)
(justin vitale) Allow players to rightclick tank unit with fluid to deposit (initial)
(justin vitale) Return if client
(justin vitale) Storage unit text display, QOL withdraw by attacking, misc sync fixes
(justin vitale) fix lock and optimize client-side sync for stored item
(justin vitale) Uncomment the actual fix
(justin vitale) Storage unit cleanup, optimization and fix displayed item
(justin vitale) add Spearkiller's retextures
(justin vitale) Have chance to yield two sap closes #2014
(justin vitale) Merge branch 'feature/sapper' into 1.16
(justin vitale) Fix holding position, fix chat sending on server, drop sap if broken
(justin vitale) Cleanup and drop when no log connected
(justin vitale) Fix sound
(justin vitale) Put back original sap generation speed
(justin vitale) Resin basin finished (Recipe, functionality, textures, models)
(justin vitale) Merge branch '1.16' into feature/sapper
(modmuss50) Fix sulfur recipes
(justin vitale) Random crash complaining about no sulfur_ores.json, add placeholder
(justin vitale) fix storage unit bugs with locking closes #2155
(github) Create basic sulfur grinding recipes for compatibility with Cinderscapes (#2153)
(justin vitale) Refactor and cleanup, awaiting new model.
(justin vitale) Reference issue #2014
(justin vitale) Add sapper base logic code (MVP) along with rest of it
(justin vitale) Make drill break blocks slower when it's flat #2147
(justin vitale) Fix rubber door dupe closes #2149
(modmuss50) Dont use --refresh-dependencies on everybuild
(modmuss50) Recipes
(modmuss50) Add stair, slab and wall blocks for all metal storage blocks

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