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Tax Free Levels (Fabric/Forge)


Tax Free Levels

Reaching high levels in Minecraft is hard, because each level requires more XP than the last.
Since Anvils and Enchantment Tables work off of levels, not off of collected XP, that means the higher your level, the higher the actual cost in terms of XP.

Tax Free Levels "flattens the curve" of the ever-increasing anvil and enchantment costs above level 30, meaning you'll always pay the same amount of XP, regardless of how high your level is.
It also makes it so that renaming an item always only costs 1 level.

More precisely:
If you are above level 30, instead of e.g. paying 3 levels, you pay the amount of XP needed to get from level 27 to 30.
If the level cost is above 30, you pay the amount of XP needed to get from 0 to that level.

  • for Minecraft 1.16-1.20
  • required on the server and client
  • (it *does* work server-only, but the level cost won't show up correctly when renaming items)
  • compatible with Draylar1's Reroll
  • compatible with Enchanting Overhauled
  • compatible with Enchanting Infuser
  • compatible with Charm / Charm Reforged's Grindstone enchantment extraction
  • compatible with Spectrum's Bedrock Anvil
  • compatible with Waystones (currently only for Forge. Fabric Waystones is a good alternative which can set fixed XP cost)
  • incompatible with Balanced Enchanting (the mod does effectively the same thing as this mod, minus all the compatibility stuff, choose one or the other)


Say you've just slain the Ender Dragon for the first time and reached level 68.
In Vanilla, you can level 3 enchant a total of 13 items.
With Tax Free Levels, this changes to 35 items, your Ender Dragon kill actually counts for something!

Say again, you are level 68 and want to apply another enchantment on your pick which has a very high repair cost and it'd cost 35 levels.
In Vanilla, you pay 10220 XP (the XP needed to get from level 33 to 68).
With Tax Free Levels, you pay 2045 XP (the XP needed to get from level 0 to 35).
You'd normally lose 8000 of your 12000 XP dragon reward here and there!

No Small Tax

One small tidbit about vanilla Minecraft is that paying levels doesn't actually touch the percental experience progress.
Since higher levels are worth more XP, this means you actually not only pay levels but also a small amount of XP.
Tax Free Levels gets rid of this tax as well, even at lower player levels.


This is meant as a partial replacement for user11681's limitless, specifically the "level normalization". No code was taken, only the idea.

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