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Time and Relative Dimension in Minecraft

What is it?

This is a lightweight mod for Minecraft that adds your very own traveling police box, called the TARDIM! It's based on the old Adventure Map by Bloop Triangle (Unlimitedmind42). With the TARDIM, you can travel to any coordinates or dimension in Minecraft or your favorite mods!

How do I use it?
Your TARDIM comes preset with multiple controls on the console, but you can also see and change what they do by shift-clicking the controls! All of them are craftable blocks as well, so you can add more controls and choose what they're for with the various TARDIM commands. There's even a Computer Panel if you'd like to just manually enter them into a terminal to fly it that way!

What can the TARDIM do?
As of TARDIM version 1.1.1 these are the following commands it can use for it's various controls:

/flight-info to get information on where your TARDIM is going!

/toggle-facing to switch the direction that your (exterior) doors will be facing

/coord-add to add coordinates to an axis (X, Y, Z)

/scan to learn about the location and dimension your TARDIM is at

/echo to repeat back text in the chat

/set-dimension to set the dimension your TARDIM's destination will be

/set-door to choose a new position for the door (when you enter the TARDIM)

/demat to takeoff to your destination

/remove-companion to remove an added companion (TARDIM permissions)

/help to see a list of all commands and how to use them

/add-companion to give someone permissions to use your TARDIM

/set-facing to set a specific direction your (exterior) doors will face

/set-coords to enter in set coordinates as your destination

/lock-door to lock and unlock the door from other players entering!

/remat to land your TARDIM (once it's taken off of course)

/travel to enter in coordinates and a dimension, then take off instantly!
/locate-biome to locate biomes, helpful when navigating the end!
/set-owner to change TARDIM ownership from yourself to another player
/home to set coordinates to your spawnpoint area
/locate to set coordinates to a player's location
/fuel to check current fuel level
/fuel-calc to calculate fuel usage for current set destination or entered coordinates and dimension


How do I craft the things I need?
You can find all the needed recipes for the mod in the images section of this CurseForge post!

I have a suggestion for the mod!
We have a few planned updates for this mod later on, and will keep it up-to-date with the latest versions of Minecraft. If you have any ideas you want to see, please put it in the comments of this mod post