Tabitha's Elevators (Fabric)

880 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +5

Tabitha's Elevators

Tabitha's Elevators is a simple elevator mod for Fabric! Simply jump on one to ascend, crouch to descent! The mod comprises of elevators and elevator slab blocks. They are configurable via a game rule to use up either hunger, experience or neither! This game rule is changeable when creating a world, or in-game using 

/gamerule tabithas_elevators.elevatorTraversalType experience|hunger|none

The slab blocks will prevent mobs from spawning on them so are ideal for nether or end bases. The colours have to match up on the elevators to allow movement, eg: red elevators can only teleport you to other red ones

Crafting Recipes


Dyed Elevators


Dyed Slabs


Any issues can be reported on GitHub, this can be found on the Source tab at the top of the page :) Any modpacks are free to use this mod with credit!



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