Synchronous Switches

This mod adds "Synchronous Switches" which can be linked together via a channel. When the state of a switch is toggled then any other switches that are on the same channel will update their output to match that state. In addition to the switches, there are channel input/output blocks and lights.



  • Synchronous Switch (Default, Vanilla Style, IO Switch, E-Stop Button, Big Button)
  • Channel Output Block
  • Channel Input Block
  • Channel Light Block/Panel


  • Set Channel by clicking a named piece of paper on the switch/block
  • Copy channel by shift right clicking a channel item on an existing switch/block
  • Clear channel by shift right clicking in the air
  • Clear channel by setting channel to "None" with a named piece of paper
  • Redact/Unredact switch by right clicking ink on the switch/block
  • Mute/Unmute switch by right clicking white wool on the switch/block
  • Check if the channel status by shift right clicking with an empty hand
  • Right click with a switch in your main hand to toggle the channel active without having the switch placed




  • Riewest14
  • LogicEngineer

Modpack Use

This mod may be used in any modpacks, no need to ask for permission.